Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fourteen Days Later, What was the Motive Behind the March 12 Murders of Derek Greer and Natalie Partida?

Victims Derek Greer, 15, left and Natalie Partida, 16

[Previously, on this crime, at WEJB/NSU: “Four More of Obama’s Kids Arrested in Double-Murder of Colorado High School Students.”]

Derek Greer looks kind of white.

The suspects look like gang-banging, Mexican or Central American stone killers who were hardened criminals while still in their mothers' wombs. Could racism have been at work? A stick-to-your-own-kind/honor killing?

Oh, yes, we definitely need more, more, more, immigration from South of the border, and to amnesty all of the Hispanic cut-throats dreamers already here!


Gustavo Marquez, 19, was arrested first

Diego Chacon, 18; Joseph Arthur Rodriquez, 18; Marco Antonio Garcia-Bravo, 20; Alexandra Marie Romero, 20

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Anonymous said...

The moron in the Chicago Sun-Times only this morning had the article about how law abiding immigrants are and how much more so illegal immigrants [aliens] are. OH Mr. Moron, Don was right wasn't he!!