Thursday, March 16, 2017

Failing McDonald's Trades in Selling Overcooked Burgers for Promoting Half-Baked, Anti-Trump Propaganda! Its Twitter Account Calls Trump “Disgusting” with “Tiny Hands”

By “W”

Their food is crap anyway, and they are 365/24/7 black. To hell with them.


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Anonymous said...'re right.A sure way to know you live in the ghetto is when the McDonalds a few blocks away (like mine)has 5 coons and one cracker(who is trying desperately to keep things running in some order)as employees.
AT night it's all coon and up for grabs.I went in a couple years ago and had to wait 5 minutes to get waited on,though I was next in line.Jigs were too busy talking,singing,dancing.Took 20 minutes to get a small hamburg and fries.
--GR Anonymous