Monday, February 27, 2017

Political Cartoons: This is What Islam Looks Like, and This is What a Western “Expert” on Islam Looks Like



I have spoken for years on the importance of being ignorant. That’s why I’m never cited as an “expert” on crime, and in my previous life, was never cited as an "expert" on education.

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Chicago guy said...

The Grammy and Academy Award shows were full of propaganda both as part of the show and in the commercials. They kept pushing these images of hijab wearers as being some wonderful additions to the country. I can understand these Hollywood lefties being reflexively idiotic but corporate America? Everybody is an amateur expert on Islam apparently. Bush II was one such expert, assuring us that Islam was a 'religion of peace' and thus bequeathing us one of the most memorable quotes in the last few decades. One has to be very careful in the kind of 'expert' one chooses to listen to. The entire field is loaded with incompetents and charlatans.

Anonymous said...

Good cartoon, pretty much on the money....