Monday, February 20, 2017

Learn about One of CNN’s New, Unwritten, Anti-Trump Rules!

[Re: “Racial-Socialist CNN Activist David Chalian Fires President Trump!”]

By Nicholas Stix

All propaganda organizations have rules, both written and unwritten. Back in 199, when Ted Turner, CNN’s communist billionaire founder, still owned it, he very publicly set down a rule: No news reader was to ever say the word, “foreign” again. Turner would fine any employee $100 who violated his rule.
"It is the policy of TBS that any person, event, etc. which [ sic ] is not part of the United States be referred to as international rather than foreign ." [“On Language; A Foreign Affair,” by William Safire, New York Times, April 7, 1991 [free registration required]]].
One of the propaganda mill’s current, unwritten rules is that no one may refer to President Trump as “the leader of the free world.”

During a January 24 hatefest, racial-socialist CNN activist David Chalian
started to refer to President Trump as “the leader of the f…,” but stopped himself, and instead said “the leader of the country.” Later, during the hatefest, Chalian repeated, “leader of the country.”
Tonight, on Don Lemon’s daily, anti-Trump hatefest, self-styled “security mom,” Juliette Kayyem did the same thing. At one point, she said of the leader of the free world, “A leader of the free, of the greatest country.”

Clearly, there is a rule at CNN, to constantly insult the President of the United States of America, by denigrating his role in world affairs.


Anonymous said...

Latest CNN propaganda is "the 25th amendment" will soon be invoked by various politicians--including Mike Pence,DJT's cabinet,the House and Senate on the basis of a "psychological problem".
There are quite a few scenarios where Trump can be dumped pretty effortlessly.It doesn't even have to go to an impeachment investigation.Google it on Zerohedge.Pence was described as a neo-con and would be acceptable to the establishment.
Food for thought at this late hour and its all getting pushed by the usual MSM suspects.

Anonymous said...

Correct! The media does not practice censorship. They merely limit the topic you can talk about and how you speak about them, the words you can use, etc. Copybook I think they call it. But censorship? Of course not!! Don't be silly.