Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Oscar Pre-Game Show: The Red Carpet is Now the “Black Carpet”

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

CNN, yes... but also most network programming is now calculated to force its liberal will on white America.

On the African Broadcast Company (ABC), who else could we expect but negress Robin Roberts, negro Michael Strahan, and token white Lara Spencer hosting the pre-Oscar red carpet crappola.

Plenty of blacks that were nominated for them to talk to. Some black guy named Ali talking to Roberts, Halle Berry talking to Strahan (about how many blacks were nominated—and if it was enough). Then on to Strahan and black Janelle Monet.

So if you like NigTV, this was your cup of black tea.

A small microcosm of the relentless, daily pounding of the black and Mexican viewpoint being allowed to replace whites. IT'S NOT EVEN 50/50! It's "aren't blacks and Hispanics wonderful?..” 24 hours a day.

From news, to talk shows, to programming—an overwhelming bias in favor of blacks and Mex.
I still have it on, and fat blackie, Octavia Spencer, talks to Roberts. Who cares?

The meeting at ABC must have been: "Let's get all the blacks on here to stuff down Trump's followers’ and white America's collective throat."

To wrap everything up, black Viola Davis yammered a few lines to Strahan. This was all done consecutively—no whites allowed!

Amazing to watch...and a new low in Academy Award history.

Now all I need to see is Kimmell crack some anti-white jokes to make me reach for some Prilosec...and the remote.

--GR Anonymous

Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 7:58:00 P.M. EST

N.S.: You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

By the way, I have NO interest in any of the movies being honored this year, nor any of the black stars being put on a pedestal. My only reason to watch this mess, was to prove to myself that it would be as horrific an assortment of political and racial rantings as I thought. If I can last through a portion of it, I'll give my opinion later.

Meanwhile, another blackie, Naomie Harris, got on before the actual show. I'm definitely interested in seeing how Jimmy Kimmel plays it—after last year’s Chris Rock induced, miserably slanted show. I'm betting the host may have changed, but the writers didn't.

[N.S. Naomie Harris is an affirmative action recipient of an OBE, “Officer of the British Empire.”

“An OBE is awarded for having a ‘major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in their chosen area.’”]

Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 8:22:00 P.M. EST


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
As much as I love movies, good ones that is, I could never stomach watching the Oscar ceremony all the way through, it 's just a big biased self serving promotional gimmick for Hollywood Inc. I do watch it in bits and pieces, though sometimes longer if the host is keeping things lively. Now with negroes being shoved in our faces, it's even more painful to watch. I did catch some of the "Black Carpet" and watching those talentless hacks, only given the job because of their race, was nausea inducing. I still remember the days of Joan Rivers, back when the Red Carpet interviews were unofficial and irreverent. It was the highlight of the Oscars and often the funniest part, Joan was a liberal as they come but she did have actual talent, unlike the sleep inducing Strahan, Robin whatshername, et al...

Anonymous said...

On top of everything,at the end of the show,Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway got involved in a SNAFU about who won for best picture.After much hemming and hawing,Beatty gave the card to Dunaway who announced "La La Land" as the winner.Minutes later,Kimmel and "La la's" director yelled ,"There's been a mistake!!!"Moonlight"(nig movie) has won best picture!".
Thereby giving the award to blacks,and cementing this years Oscars as nothing more than a exercise in reparations--in spades (so to speak).
The Oscars (BET awards)have officially become irrelevant.
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

Thanks for the reports, because I can't watch stuff like this. Arguably, I should watch more shit on tv for the sake of knowing what the enemy is up to and staying informed. I just don't have any patience for it.

Anonymous said...

It was the worst ever.Last year they bitched about no blacks being nominated.This year was a fait accompli after the 2016 program.It was obvious the blacks had to be appeased.Amazing.I watched a total of 30 minutes--and that was too much.Now what does the Academy do?Give blacks a percentage of the awards every year--like a quota system?When you worry about political pressure from NAACP and BLM to run your decision making about ANYTHING,be it policing,welfare or awards shows,you won't make the right decision.Crying about racism last year makes a movie like "Moonlight" winning look more like armtwisting and asskissing was the instigating factor,rather than an acknowledgement of talent being rewarded on its own merits.
--GR Anonymous