Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's a Day Without Illegal Alien Foreign Criminals! (Poster)



By Nicholas Stix

A Twit bud pointed out that the poster is in English. But the campaign is directed at people who are illiterate in English. Thus, it’s a PR tactic to reach American amnestisiacs. The real advertising for the campaign is in Spanish, on Spanish-speaking radio stations.


Anonymous said...

YEP. Spanish only and Spanish only. Many cannot even read their own language anyhow. Or speak an American Indian language if from Central America.

This is all good too. Keep you kids outta school. They shouldn't even be in school in the first place. Close your restaurants. Good. Americans can eat American food at an American restaurant. Don't go to work. Good. Maybe the American employer can find an American to fill your position.

All for the good. Keep it up, please.

Anonymous said...

don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

I see today was National day without immigrants Day.Lots of marches,immigrants staying home from work (really!Do I have to use both hands to count all of those who stayed home from actual WORK?)Kids staying home from school (finally a peaceful day for the teachers).
They're going to show US!Maybe ICE will decide these geniuses,congregating
on a few blocks,have made it easy to round them up--and do so.
Local TV showed lots of Mex on the streets of GR.Guess what..we survived easily.The country didn't miss one Mex today in abstentia.
Buenos Dias Muchachos--and Adios!
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Follow up is they are going to do it again on Mayday, the traditional communist holiday. Let them show the public just how connected mass immigration is with Marxist revolution.