Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Did the Russians Hack the Oscars?!

By Nicholas Stix


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jerry pdx
In Portland, a female judge named Monica Harranz, let an undocumented 20 something year old male immigrant, Diddier Pacheco Salazar, who was in court facing DUI charges, escape ICE agents by letting him out a door reserved for judges. Fortunately, despite Judge Harranz assistance Mr. Salazar was still apprehended on the street.

It appears Ms. Harranz will not face any charges (from the article):

"The way in which Pacheco Salazar eluded capture by ICE caught the attention of U.S. Attorney Billy Williams, according to multiple sources. Williams was concerned that a local judge may have kept federal agents from making an arrest."

"Ultimately, Williams decided against opening an investigation into Herranz or any of the lawyers who may have been involved. He did, however, have a subsequent lunch meeting with Multnomah County judges, including Waller, and with Portland-area ICE administrator Elizabeth Godfrey."

Did this judge not commit a crime? When the highest officers in our court system are complicit in aiding and abetting criminals, and are then protected by those in charge of monitoring their conduct, then what kind of justice system do we have? This is beyond belief. I don't know if I have adequate words for this one but check out the comments, plenty of readers do.

Here is a photo of Judge Herranz. She appears to be quite attractive: