Friday, February 17, 2017

News Conference Video: President Trump Even Made CNN’s Jim Acosta Laugh (or was that George Clooney, or Sadiq Khan?)

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jerry pdx
Illegals are no longer "illegals", they are "dreamers". I kid you not, I just spotted this on CNN, an article about Daniel Ramirez Medina an illegal with gang affiliations who was protected under Obama but that ICE now wants to deport. "Dreamer" was sprinkled throughout as if it was a legitimate descriptor, not just some propaganda term "dreamed up" by diversity fanatics designed to make criminals seem "kindler and gentler". I started thinking about all the things they must be dreaming about: Free money, shelter, services that the US middle class foots the bill for and they pay nothing...The men, and it is mostly young men, dream about sexy white women because they can't get women in their home countries and if those white women don't give it up they dream about raping them... Yes, it goes on and on... Yes, those dreamers and our nightmares.