Monday, February 13, 2017

Milwaukee: Thousands of Foreign Criminals and Their American Criminal Allies March Against the Law and Sheriff David Clarke

By Reader-Researcher RC

Thousands march through Milwaukee to protest Sheriff David Clarke's crackdown on foreigners and his plans to deputize cops as immigration agents

Thousands protest Wisconsin sheriff's anti-immigration plan

Thousands marched from Milwaukee's predominantly Hispanic south side to the downtown courthouse to protest Clarke's plans people fear will lead to mass deportations.


Anonymous said...

Another big city lost?I remember when Milwaukee used to be known as a POLISH town.Go get em Clarke.

Anonymous said...

The entire south side of Milwaukee was called POLETOWN.

Anonymous said...

Did they wave Mexican flags? Carry signs in Spanish? No se habla.

Anonymous said...

Clenched fists, women in hijabs. "KKK no fascist USA". Please keep in up. Please do so. You only confirm in the minds of those that voted for Trump they made the right decision.