Sunday, September 18, 2016

Knicks’ GM Phil Jackson Knew Derrick Rose was being Sued for Rape, but Traded for Him, Anyway!



Anonymous said...

If Rose is the exception,instead of the rule,I'll eat my basketball (I shoot a little at the YMCA).
Those guys are all "sexual predators",only their professional jerseys giving them the cover they need to avoid prosecution.Certainly,the women involved,make themselves available-probably trying to get pregnant and hit the child support lotto--so they're not innocent 100% of the time.
But there are some women,who are not familiar with blacks,get in way over their heads and get overpowered by "3 blacks".
Lots of blame to go around.But if you hang out with blacks--expect the worst.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yes, I shot some basketball also back in the day, I no longer play competitively due to advancing age but quit playing with negroes even before that, I simply wouldn't risk possible injury with the extra grabbing, shoving and kind of sort of, accidentally on purpose, high elbows that negroes specialize in when playing against whitey. Sitting around and listening to negroes talk to each other while waiting for game is always illuminating, if you're naive about how they actually think that is. Nearly every conversation revolved around black entitlement: How many white bitches they're banging and how the ones that don't owe them sex anyways (black ones too but they are particularly loud when white men are around), how they be owed shit from the guvment, how many kids they got (the more they have the higher their status with each other), how many times they been arrested and how much time they spent in prison, etc....

This talk of basketball brings to mind the controversy a few years back about how refs in the NBA called less fouls on whites and more on black players. Even black refs did it, though not as often as whites. I had some thoughts about the issue that never came up in any public debate I heard. First off, the suggestion was always that refs were racially biased, no other explanation was considered, nobody ever once suggested that black players might actually FOUL MORE! Which, judging from my personal experience playing with them, they actually do. Plus, that whites players, despite being a minority of players, are usually highly represented in the high foul percentage category, which means that those players are on the floor at key points in the game when you know your team is going to take fouls, therefore white players may end up drawing more fouls on average which would have the result of increasing their rate of being fouled when on the floor.
These sort of explanation are not politically correct though and don't feed into the racist hysteria our media loves to orchestrate.

Anonymous said...

So Jerry actually Jerry West?Lol.An honor to meet you.
I don't play bball with the blacks.Actually,the nigs like to try to steal the basketball I bring to the Y.
"I brought this ball WITH ME--it's mine",I say...and walk away.Total crooks and con artists.Have to ignore them as much as possible.
-GR Anonymous