Monday, September 26, 2016

I’m B-a-a-c-k!

By Nicholas Stix

I was away for a few days, raiding the countryside. I took a “notebook” with me, but someone had conveniently removed the power supply. (According to "someone," it's all my fault.) Then I tried to post from a hotel, but that didn’t work, either, and the new cell phone I just got a carrier for (AT & T), required all sorts of stuff the old crappy one didn’t require. An account with Google?

So, I am now ensconced at my old crappy desk, which I rescued from the garbage at the curb 12 years ago, with my crappy, unsalvageable Dell, and can get back to fighting with The Boss and my chief of research. Home, sweet home!


Anonymous said...

You came back,just in time,to watch the debate.Lesta asked many anti-Trump questions,Clinton was not challenged at all on ANY of HER controversies.Others I've heard,said Holt interrupted Trump repeatedly--Clinton,once,that I remember.
I called it a tie--though a tiebreaker goes to Trump,for one reason:He's not a politician.For those people that think that not being a politician is important (look where the last 56 years of politicians have got us),I propose,that's reason enough to vote for Trump.
Btw...Foxnews reports 3 news outlets giving Trump about a 51% to 42% win.For what it's worth.Local TV stations interviewed people who went to movie theatres,to watch on the big screen.They seemed to like Trump as well.
Welcome back N.S.

David In TN said...

In effect, Trump was debating the so-called "moderator."

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Trump was bad, very bad. At times, like when he said the name Rosie O'Donnel, it was cringeworthy. However, I wasn't expecting him to be "better" than Clinton, she's been speechifying her whole life, Donald hasn't. You have to know where you're going when you start speaking in order to be an effective speakers and Donald usually didn't which caused him to trail off painfully. The one person who was worse was everybody's favorite negro: Lesta the molesta' I didn't have any respect for him before but have even less now, if that's possible. His role was not to take sides but he attacked Trump from the get go completely revealing his bias, his lack of professionalism was unbelievable, and the fact that his bosses will likely let it slide even more absurd.
Preparation is the key to these debates and I have to wonder who is preparing Donald? I think back to the days of Ronald Reagan and his performance in debates, clearly he was prepped behind the scenes with people who anticipated the questions and directions the speeches would go, where are those kind of people on Trump's team? Debates aren't about substance, they are about appearing more quick witted than your opponent. Of course, the ability to ad lib doesn't mean you're going to make a better leader but it scores points with voters.

Anonymous said...

Perusing various reports about the debate.Holt getting ripped--no surprise here--as I've said for months,he has a full throttle pro Clinton,anti-cop agenda.
My afterthought,on the proceedings last night,are as follows:
That is probably the best Clinton can do.Trump can improve.The downside is,less viewing audiences for each succeeding debate--less impact?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Stop and Frisk.I'm perplexed by the white people like Giuliani,who brags that "with stop and frisk,I saved thousands of black lives".
Thank you Rudy?
I totally get the Republican ruse,that Repubs are sympathetic and caring for blacks.I understand what they're trying to profligate.If I believed they were REALLY sympathetic,I wouldn't vote for them.
The black crime plague--that encompasses the ghetto areas of our cities--cannot be solved by whites.

But some will try.
Obama's solution is to force blacks into white neighborhoods,in the hope that the constant drumbeat of black crime gets diluted by the mixing of the races.But the only results that can occur--is more black on white crime,more drug dealing to weakminded whites and the disintegration of another good neighborhood.Not that he cares.
Thank you Obama.
As far as "Stop and Frisk",I say...stop and let them kill themselves.No loss.
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

Joseph Farah said that Trump lost the debate because he didn't attack Hillary on her glaring weak points and because he spent more time on the defense. I understand that. But to my eyes, Trump did a better job of coming clean than Hillary did. Hillary came across as someone who doesn't take criticism and who is accountable to no-one.

Hillary's facial expressions were a sight to behold. She either looked hatefully at Trump or had a wicked smile on her face.

Trump gave Hillary a parting shot at the end of the debate: he said that there were a lot of things he could have said about Hillary and her family, but didn't. I can respect Trump for playing the gentleman on Monday night, but that might not get him into the White House. Considering who he's dealing with, I'd like to see him get tougher.

Anonymous said...

"I was away for a few days, raiding the countryside."
..EDIT.. should read, "rape and pillage" :)

As for the debate, I think Trump was given, and most likely rehearsed, a prepared opening, but the Hildabeast threw him off. Once winging-it, he wing'd the whole damn thing.