Friday, September 16, 2016

Anti-Racism = Racism (Graphic)


Anonymous said...

racism: believing one race, whether good or bad, is better than another just because of their race. Example, believing a black basketball player is better than a white basketball player just because he is black is racist. Believing a white person is smarter than a black person just because he is white is racist. Saying that blacks in general commit more crime than whites is not racist, it is a fact. Facts are not racist. They are merely facts, stating something that is true and be proven.

Anonymous said...

An interesting story making the rounds today,is Angela Merkle is warning that "Europe is in critical condition,concerning immigration,economics and population growth".
I've stated this before,but why not take the billions of dollars being printed for QE and bond/stock purchases--and funnel that to your population.Give people money to have kids.Give them tax breaks and let the rest happen naturally.It's a long term plan,but the sooner it would start,the better.Plus,it's so simple and foolproof.
A plan like that would be possible in European countries,who still have a majority of citizens indigenous to their country.Germany needs more Germans,the French need more French.Give each woman/couple $10,000 to reproduce with a fellow countryman.
The US couldn't pull that off,by telling whites,the government will pay you extra to have more kids--but if they did,it would save this country also.
--GR Anonymous