Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Bad Has the Press Gotten?

By Almost Missouri

At iSteve.

“… you should know by now that whatever the press says is likely not only to be untrue, but the opposite of the truth. Yes, it’s gotten that bad.”


Anonymous said...

HRC got the Negro Nightly News "clean bill of health" via "Dr" Andrea Mitchell,who sounded like she caught some of HRC's non-transmittable pneumonia.As close a friends as they seem,I'm not surprised by her rough voice tonight."Hillary's a healthy woman",rasped Mitchell.
Then it was time for Katy Tur(d) to do some of her famous innuendo,on a story that was debunked last week,concerning the Florida AG and the Trump Foundation.Now unless you don't believe her story (the Fla AG that is),you can report on this all you want.It's not going to go anywhere,but it fills airtime-airtime that is obviously not reserved to investigate Clinton's flaws.
There was a second story by Tur(d),with a suggestion of Trump impropriety,that I totally tuned out.
FIVE MINUTES this went on.The bottom line Tur(d) stressed,was that all this could be cleared up,if Trump released his taxes.That's what Tur(d)'s report was all about. He's got them pretty frustrated,I must
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Remind me again that blacks are only 13% of the population."Nightline's" opening story hair styles in a Louisville black high school--that were banned by the school,until protests forced the black principal to drop the new rule.
Why am I writing this?Because I have one effing question.Why is this sh*t on my TV?Do blacks watch "Nightline"?I'd why is it on?I don't care to hear that crap and neither does 99% of the viewing audience.
Then to wrap up a total B.S. show,they put on a transgender nutjob--Gigi Gorgeous--a guy turned into a chick.
CLICK went the remote control.
They really want us to accept this garbage,don't they?
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I could post something under this category every damn day for Lesta Holt's "Negro Nightly News".
I'll skip politics today,since Andrea Mitchell told us "healed"Hillary sounds great and feels great. (Sounds like Billy Crystal as Fernando
Good to know,since Mitchell has assured us all year of Clinton's being a picture of health.
Off to what Jerrypdx would get teed off about...a big Negro News report on a 40 year old white man,Shawn Grate--who had kidnapped a woman--and thanks to her 911 call,was found and arrested in an abandoned Ohio home.Police found 2 bodies in the house as well.Question:If he was black,would Lesta have reported it?No doubt about the story being dramatic,but the question still remains--especially since I've seen very few black crime stories reported in his stead.
Also no doubt,that this next one would be reported by Lesta--and it was--as he told us about a Columbus,Ohio 13 year old black,pulling a bb gun/lookalike police gun,on a cop and was shot dead.Dismay from Lesta on this accidental shooting,but this kind of story never gets by our racist anchorman.As predictable as ever.Lesta must walk into the newsroom and say,"What do we have today for white cops shooting blacks,or white guys committing horrible crimes?"Today must have made his day.
--GR Anonymous