Sunday, September 11, 2016

It’s About Time! NFL Sponsor with Military Ties Drops Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall, After He Joined Colin Kaepernick’s Cop-Killer, Anti-American, Minstrel Show

By Reader-Researcher RC

The second best news I've heard in the last 24 hours was this story:



Anonymous said...

Like Al Sharpton said. Hit em' in the pocketbook where it hurts them the most.

If Al said it, it must be so.

David In TN said...

The NFL has wrapped itself in the flag and patriotic imagery for decades. It never was sincere, of course. In addition, the military gives the NFL a lot of money in advertising, etc.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The only reason Kaepernick is on the 49rs roster still is because the team doesn't want to offend black America. They tried to trade him but failed and a release was looking very possible. It was clear his status on the team was borderline until he decided to stage his "protest". Now suddenly his position is "secure". Give me a break, it's a PR move. Kaepernick had his moment in the sun but that's because the NFL didn't know about him, after a "break out" run as a replacement his performance dropped dramatically. That's because scouting reports go out to the NFL and certain players weaknesses are exposed, a player like Kaepernick who has flaws in his passing game is exploited. Players that can adjust and improve on those weaknesses can evolve past the schemes opposing coaches use against them, there was no indication that Kaepernick was going improve the aspects of his game that needed work.
Maybe Kaepernick is smarter than we realize, he realized that staging a protest would only solidify his status on the team, not make it more insecure. It worked, there's no way the 49r's are going to take a chance on being accused of being "racist".

Anonymous said...

Old commercial used to say:
"Try it--you'll LIKE it".(Cereal commercial?)
My advice to the 49ers,concerning worrying about what the media might accuse them of.It might work in their favor.