Monday, September 19, 2016

See This Wild Video of the Conference on Racial Profiling at Arizona State University!


Anonymous said...

Ahmad Khan Rahami captured,after a shootout.One policeman injured.
I just want to reiterate the point that Obama/Clinton,want us to accept this behavior as normal-- a small tradeoff as it were,for the continued Democratic plan of mass immigration of Muslims--which must not be stopped!
Black crime is already accepted by Obama/Clinton/Sanders,as "normal".Prison is not preferred for black thugs--Democrats want them out on the street and VOTING.Democrats want Mexicans...VOTING.Democrats want Muslim refugees and immigrants...VOTING--for DEMOCRATS.
That's why Obama/Clinton say,"We shouldn't live in fear".
Translation:Our policy has side effects--like the drugs advertised on TV.
Side effects for the Democratic agenda includes:Deteriorating neighborhoods,street crime,rape,drug selling and addiction,occasional bombings,intermittent knifings and stabbings,possible automatic weapon fire and death.
Maybe Trump should make a commercial like that.It would be to speak.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Lesta at it again...a report of a white female police officer,shooting "an unarmed black man,stopped on a traffic violation".This happened in Tulsa--and no matter what follows in the subsequent investigation,the way the story was told by Holt,was inflammatory and prejudiced in its inferred conclusion.
Lesta looked pretty smug,as if to say,"Look you happened again...I caught you.Now I give my blessings to you crazy blacks--to go shoot a policeman."
Either refrain from this reflex reporting and police-cam video instant analysis,or quit calling yourself a "News" program."NBC Negro Nightly Incitements",would be more appropriate.
--GR Anonymous

Douglas said...

I only saw 0nw person being hand cuffed, and he appeared to be white. Did 9 see that correctly>

Anonymous said...

Just an update on the Tulsa incident--which was the second story on tonight's
"Negro Nightly News"(Incitement).
"We have more on that story,we reported yesterday from Tulsa,concerning the white police officer killing an unarmed black motorist."
Helicopter video shown,then policecam,followed by a statement shown,read by Lesta Holt,quoting the officer.
"I've never been so scared in my 5 year career--that suspect was on something--he was acting crazy".
Her side was presented,which I must say,has not been done before.That's the good news.The bad news,is it was quickly shot down by a black organization--as racist.
She said,"The man was attempting to reach in his window--against orders".
The black reps said,"The window wasn't even open".But as the dashcam video showed,police were at an angle in front of the suspects car--and could not see if the window was open or not.
Afterwards,an amount of PCP was found in the front seat of the black suspect.You have to give the benefit of the doubt to the cops.
Also,last night,Bill O'Reilly talked with Donald Trump about Lester Holt.For some reason,O'Reilly thinks Holt is an honest journalist and will be fair.Trump said,,"No,there's pressure on him to be tough on me,after Matt Lauer was lambasted by Dems,for skewering Hillary earlier this month.
I couldn't disagree more with O'Reilly on Lesta.He obviously must not be watching Holt's "newscast" in the last few months.Seeing it JUST ONCE,would change his viewpoint.
Trump may need to see a proctologist after next Monday's debate,if I'm correct.If Holt surprises me,I will admit it...but I doubt if that will be necessary.
--GR Anonymous