Friday, September 09, 2016

The Jon Benet Ramsey Murder is Hot Again, for the Same Reason as the 61-Year-Old Emmett Till Case—the Search for the Great White Whale, er, Defendant!


Murder victim Jon Benet Ramsey: A 2006 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which depicted her mother, Patsy, as the killer, would have been libelous, but producer Dick Wolf did not run it until four months after Mrs. Ramsey's death from ovarian cancer

War crime victim Marcia Trimble 1966-1975

War crime victim Sarah Desprez—Nation of Islam war criminal Jerome Barrett raped and murdered her, as well

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“TV Alert! Investigation Discovery is Airing Its Episode About the Nation of Islam’s 1975 Murder-Rape of Marcia Trimble at 7 A.M. ET Today (Friday)!”;

“Marcia Trimble Murder on ID Channel: Black Muslim Serial Rapist-Killer Jerome Barrett was Motivated by Racial Hatred”;

“A Season of Darkness: Book about the Marcia Trimble Murder Case Connects Dots.”]

By David in TN

There's a slew of TV programs on the 1996 Jon Benet Ramsey murder on the way. On Friday Night there will be a two-hour NBC Dateline on the subject. CBS begins a series on September 18.

Right after the body was found, the Boulder, Colorado police decided Jon Benet's parents had killed her and tried to build a case against them. It took 12 years for the local District Attorney to "exonerate" them.

DNA was found on Jon Benet's undergarment which did not match any family member, including her 9-year old brother (whom some thought was the killer).

The Boulder cops and the MSM thought the Ramseys were the perfect Great White Defendants. They fit the above parameters.

Remember the 1975 Marcia Trimble murder in Nashville, Tennessee, sort of the Jon Benet Ramsey murder of Tennessee? And the trial of the DNA-identified killer in 2009? The killer turned out to be a Black Muslim named Jerome Barrett.


NOI war criminal Jerome Barrett; a white homicide detective was obsessed with railroading a white boy for Barrett’s murder of Marcia Trimble

The DNA in Jon Benet's murder may eventually be linked to the killer. It might not be a Great White Defendant. You never know.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but a father and mother that would allow a little girl to look that way have done something very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Even if they make an arrest going to be difficult to get a conviction? Too much water over the dam now and too many inconsistencies.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx

Yes, not only do they pluck out current stories of Great White Defendants to keep in our faces, they dredge out old ones from decades past to help distract away from negro and immigrant criminals. The Jon Benet Ramsey case also has the added benefit (to the liberal/PC media) of being a child kiling, which reinforces the false stereotype of white men being child abusers. Same manipulation occurs with serial killers, we all know those same 1/2 dozen white serial killers that have been on an endless loop for decades: Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, Gein, Ridgeway and Manson (who wasn't even really a serial killer and never even actually killed anyone himself but gets honorary status). They've made umpteen movies based on Gein and Manson and endless documentaries, books and pop culture references about the other guys while ignoring the equally vile and even more prolific black serial killers that were in operation back then or that emerged later on.

Just recently we had the "Affluenza Teen", a kid who qualifies as a GWD because he's white and "affluent", we all saw the headlines that went on endlessly while negroes who rape and burn people to death get token mention only. What Ethan Couch did was not good but did it deserve the massive media exposure it got? The media also loves to editorialize and moralize about the Great White Defendants, something it is reluctant to do with black criminals.
Though this article did give a token mention to everybody's favorite black serial rapist Bill Cosby, that's only because he's like OJ, already a celebrity therefore impossible to completely ignore.

As for Emmett Till, negroes love to bring his name up, I always shout back at the the name of "Kris Kime", a young white man who was beaten to death by racist black in the Seattle Mardi Gras riots, he stepped in to try to protect a white girl being openly sexually assaulted by blacks on the street so they beat him to death. Of course the media declined to give that case much beyond local attention and not even as a racist hate crime, which it was.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of immigrant crime....We had a recent "accident" in which a teenage girl was struck and killed by Abdulrahman Noorah, a Saudi national, who by first hand accounts I've heard was barreling through the Hawthorne distict, a trendy shopping area that is very crowded with pedestrians and only has two lanes, a very risky thing to do is speed through there, it's apparent to anyone with the slightest sense that you drive very carefully through there, I drive that street virtually every weekend and know that firsthand. This Noorah character was actually an African emigrant to Saudia Arabia who somehow ended up here in Portland OR (lucky us).

There is a small ironic twist to this, the girl he killed was a sophomore in high school but had already "decided" at her tender age that she was a homosexual (she must have watched a lot of episodes of Jerry Springer lesbians) and was prominent as a local LGBTQ activist. I'm not happy she was killed but can't help but enjoy the way the local alternative media "cautiously" handles these sort of incidents, they are always very restrained in their condemnation of what happened, if it were a white male then the full weight of their self righteous fury is always unleashed but when it's a black male immigrant, it's always very calm and "careful" and local progressives can't wait for the story to disappear so they don't have to deal with the discomfort, god forbid anyone dare to suggest that a very high proportion of these type of "accidents" are by immigrants, especially latino/hispanic ones, seems like every other drunk driving death is one of them. It even happened to me, I was hit by an illegal immigrant to totaled my car. He never served a day in prison.

Anonymous said...

The mother taught the little girl to wink at the male judges of the competitions.

The mother probably too chose that name Jon Benet so the girl would stand out in the minds of the judges.

That mother was goofy. Speak not ill will of the dead but OH MY!

Anonymous said...

Lesta Holt was promoting this,on Negro Nightly News,for "Dateline" Friday night,right after "reporter"Hallie Jackson skewered Trump (Katy Tur got the day off,I guess)about Putin.
I seriously thought Lesta was going to say:"On tonight's Dateline,we're going to implicate Donald Trump as the chief person of interest in the Ramsey case".
Remember...not only,"Don't watch alone--Don't watch it at all".
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. It's sick.

- The Gentle Grizzly

Nicholas said...

Actually, she was named after her father, John Bennett Ramsey.

Anonymous said...

"This Noorah character was actually an African emigrant to Saudia Arabia who somehow ended up here in Portland OR (lucky us)."

The chief executioner of Saudi is a black dude. But by and large they do not want negroes in Saudi?

Anonymous said...

"It even happened to me, I was hit by an illegal immigrant to totaled my car. He never served a day in prison."

Drunk driving in Mexico is not a crime. A big macho trip for the big macho men.

David In TN said...

I watched it again this afternoon. The female Boulder PD detective, who looks like in another life she was knitting below the guillotine, firmly believes the parents are guilty.

It was revealed the grand jury did recommend indicting John and Patsy Ramsey, but DA Alex Hunter refused to go ahead, which is a DA's option. BTW, the grand jury didn't hear about the DNA.

The program didn't address the enormous MSM bias, especially the TV talking head Nancy Grace-Wendy Murphy types who campaigned against the Ramseys for years.

An FBI agent, who was called in when it looked like a kidnapping, also thinks the Ramseys are guilty. This FBI agent, maybe the "all serial killers are white" type of FBI expert, unctuously declared the DNA was from "an assembly line worker, store clerk, or shipping department."

Well, how did the same male DNA get on both Jon Benet's underwear and pajama bottoms?

David In TN said...

Tonight on A&E there was a program on the case. At the end it was reported the DNA mentioned above, on her panties and leggings, is "from a Hispanic male, not a Caucasian."

It repeats at 12:03 ET and on Sunday, September 18 at 2 pm ET.

The Boulder police had actually tried to bury the DNA evidence out of sight, according to the A&E program.

David In TN said...

I saw the 3-part ID Channel series earlier this week, the usual insistence by the Boulder PD that the Ramseys did it.

Tonight (Sunday) at 8:30 pm ET, CBS has part one (of two) on the case. They are supposedly going to name the "real killer" on Monday night. The main talking head investigator is an "FBI profiler." You know what they're like.

David In TN said...

The latest news on the case is a law suit by Burke Ramsey of $150 million against Werner Spitz, a pathologist (age 90) who often testifies in high-profile trials. This suit was for an interview Spitz gave for a Detroit CBS radio station in which he said "The boy did it."

When the time limit runs out a suit will also be filed against the CBS 2-part show last month. "Doctor" Henry Lee will be included in that one.

Lee said he was "haunted" by the victim. Well, "Doctor" Lee wasn't haunted by the victims in the O.J. Simpson double murder.