Monday, August 01, 2016

Why is the Republican Party in So Much Trouble? Its Consultant/Strategist/ “Intellectual” Ranks are Dominated by Anti-White Characters Like Avik Roy, a “Republican’s Republican,” Who Thinks the GOP is Insufficiently Racist Towards Whites, and Will (and Ought to) Therefore Die! Roy Has Helped Three Presidential Candidates Lose, Including Mitt Romney, Who Should Have Easily Won; Roy Believes the Democrats Will Dominate National American Politics for Some Time; but He Also Believes the Republican Party Has Lost Its Right to Govern, Because It is Driven by White Nationalism, Rather than a True Commitment to Equality for All Americans

By Reader-Researcher RC

“Zach Beauchamp CLEVELAND — Avik Roy is a Republican’s Republican. A health care wonk and editor at Forbes, he has worked for three Republican presidential hopefuls — Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Marco Rubio. Much of his adult life has been dedicated to advancing the Republican Party and conservative ideals. But when I caught up […]”

Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rubio are all globalist, open borders shills.

So, how has that worked out for the Gasping Old Party?

Besides, Roy ain't white.

And he worked for Romney's Bain Capital.

I smell a loser.



Anonymous said...

"Roy Believes the Democrats Will Dominate National American Politics for Some Time"


Because of demographic shift in the nation hard now any Republican EVER to win the Presidency again. A candidate winning the vote in six major cities win those states the cities are located in. Those electoral votes from those six states puts the candidate over the top.

Since those six major cities have populations predominantly non-white who vote almost exclusively Democratic, the Republican fromthe start is faced with an almost unsurrmountable difficulty.

Anonymous said...

I had my coffee and turned on Foxbiz today to see a press conference by Obama and the first question was the "Softball of the Year".
"Is Trump unfit for office?"
"Yes",says Obama."He must be unendorsed by fellow Republicans.
All because Trump said the right thing,but the wrong way in the Khantroversy.What he SHOULD have said was,"It's despicable to bring the Khans out for political purposes...and the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves".
Attack the perpetrators of the plan...not the willing dupes.
Also,as I saw this play out,where Mr.Khan said,"If Mr.Trump had been president,we would not have been allowed in".
And he would have still had his son...and we would have a safer country with less Muslims.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I wrote this last night right after NBC's "news" program.
I might as well rant about Negro Nightly News tonight as Lesta Holt couldn't wait to slam Trump for the Khan "controversy".PCNBC is not even attempting to be anything but anti-Trump anymore.The pattern:
1)Show Trump talking about A subject.
2)Show everyone that's against him (and in detail).Today Warren Buffett called Trump out on taxes.
3)Don't give equal time to Trump.
In many ways,it's similar reporting that the Negro Broadcasting Company has unprofessionally executed in its coverage of blacks shot by white cops.
1)Show the black video
2)Show everyone that's against the video (in an incited state).
3)Don't show the police's side.
What the hell happened to network news?
At the end of the newscast was another phony race story,that said in its tease,"Matt Damon's upcoming movie is causing controversy with people of color".
"The Great Wall" comes out next year and an Asian actress on the classic comedy,"Fresh Off The Boat",is screaming that Damon,as a white person shouldn't be in this movie--even though the Chinese director chose him."It's racist",she screamed.
No,you are Ms Wu (I believe is her name),and so is Lesta Holt.Fire him.
--GR Anonymous