Monday, August 08, 2016

The Left: A Concatenation of Assassins

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Over at Countenance blog, the Blogmeister re-posted the umpteenth call, via Twitter, for the assassination of Donald Trump, which prompted the following exchange.

Olorin (16:36:14) :

The left is a concatenation of assassins at this point. The ones w/o the nads to do it will egg others on.

The exchange above–I/we have been dealing with this sort of thing for the past year.

Them: “Trump kills puppies and hates ducklings.”

Me/us: “Where did you hear/read that?”

Them: “What?”

Me/us: “Where did you read or hear that Trump kills puppies and hates ducklings?”

Them: “Oh, f- off, you’re the enemy because you don’t believe Trump kills puppies and hates ducklings.”

Godless religion.

I’m old enough to remember the race riots and insurrections/assassinations of the 1960s, though was still a child.

I taste the same flavor of rampaging stupid and evil these days. It saddens me.

David In TN (17:12:04) :

The left and liberals in general are much more confident now. They think time is on their side in that their vote will be higher each election cycle.

N.S. to David in TN: And they’re right.


Joshua Sinistar said...

The Left is the lunatic fringe. Talking and reason is lost on them. Their faith is in the Santa Claus Fantasy of Government Freebies. Its not anything to do with principles, it has nothing to do with racism, history is easily twisted to fit their needs as Truth and Reality are not even a consideration here. They don't really support agendas, or even leaders. Hillary, Obama, Carter, whatever. Show them the free shit. Work is for suckers. Vote for her and you can stay home all day and smoke pot or drink. Party all the time. That's all it is, and all it ever was. Bread and Circuses. Social Justice. Safety Net. Fairness. Call it what you will. Socialism is all fun and games until you run out of other peoples' money. Then the shortages, the riots, the starvation, involuntary servitude, Civil War, and on it goes. The stupid never learn. That's why they're still stupid after all these years.

Anonymous said...

Exactly,someone has to work to support these lazy fu*ks.Up to now it's been white America,but the socialists are trying to corrupt our minds as well.Get whites hooked on drugs--ruin our neighborhoods with blacks and Mexicans.The socialists don't like a country that works hard (that'd be too Republican),they want what Obama and Clinton want...a decriminalized,welfare state,that imports more non-whites,to contribute nothing,but a vote for the Democrats every 4 years.
--GR Anonymous