Monday, August 29, 2016

I Love Lucy, and I Love Affordable Housing! The Affordability of Housing in Quality Neighborhoods for Young People Starting Out Existed in West Hollywood in 1933, but Does Not in 2016; I Wonder Why?


A pre-redheaded Lucille Ball in the 1930s

By Nicholas Stix

The Countenance Blogmeister explains.

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Anonymous said...

Could it be blacks and Mexicans in section 8 rental houses?Just a wild guess,judging from the GR area.If you don't have a job or can't pay your own rent,with cash or check--you shouldn't be allowed to invade neighborhoods of people that do.
In the last month,in a 5 block radius around my house,the number of blacks seen has tripled!!!I asked a friend of mine,if he's been down White st. lately."It's all porch monkeys",he said correctly.
"YES",I said,"White street is all BLACK!!!"
I asked him,if he knew why.He thought,that "more blacks are pouring in,to be around a public kindergarden-5th grade school,a few blocks away".I agreed.
I can't say if the city intentionally reopened this school for mass destruction of West Grand Rapids,but the result is the same.I think it WAS intentional,by the way.The city also approved of turning an abandoned school into apartments for,"low income people",some 6 blocks away from me.Already,the "FOR SALE" signs have appeared--enmasse--around the future home of black welfare types.
This city has made,and is continuing to make fatal mistakes of policy,regarding black population migration.These latest moves will speed up the demise.
---GR Anonymous