Monday, August 08, 2016

Has There been a Schism in the Bush League? Kings George I, George II, and Queens Barbara I and Columba I All Hate Donald Trump, but Great Brown Hope George P. Bush Has Bucked the Dynasty, Saying It's Time to Get Behind Trump



By A Texas Reader

This La Raza a--hole with the Aryan Nation wife is positioning himself for the future.

He needs to be deported, pronto.

"Report: Jeb's son George P. Bush says it's time to get behind Trump

"Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is breaking with the rest of his family and weighing in on the election — in favor of Donald Trump. Over the weekend, Bush — whose father, Jeb Bush, was the target of some of the GOP nominee's most pointed..."


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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I'd seen mentions about this the other day but this morning at the gym I looked up at the monitor and saw blaring headlines that makes it appear the media is putting the story into overdrive. It's now getting massive coverage by all mainstream media sources. I find it unbelievably insulting to Olympic athletes that are working hard and putting everything they have into competing that this one competitor will get more headlines than they ever will simply for wearing a rag on her head. Yes, Ibtahaj Muhammad, a female Muslim athlete is being called "historic" simply for wearing a hijab. Something anyone can do. Maybe if I was competing I could put a scarf on my head and instantly become a celebrity. It takes "diversity" to a level of insanity beyond human reason.

Of course when they interviewed Ms. Muhammad she opined this:

""I feel like it's a blessing to be able to represent so many people who don't have voices, who don't speak up," Muhammad said. "It's just been a really remarkable experience."

Come again??? Wearing a hijab is some statement for people that don't have voices? Are you kidding me? How delusional is she? How delusional is the world that's buying into this nonsense? Oh gee, maybe she's talking about millions of women in the Muslim world who are treated by chattel by a misogynistic religion and culture. Waitasecond...Isn't a hijab actually a form of a collar not some symbol of resistance? Does she not grasp that? Do any of the idiots fawning over her and this story realize that? If she wanted to make a statement she would rip it off, but she would be condemned by Islam and take the chance of being murdered by fanatics.