Thursday, August 11, 2016

CNN: A Raceless, Faceless, Moslem About to Carry Out an Attack Somewhere in the Next Three Days was Killed by Canadian Police Today, but We’re Not Going to Tell You What He was Doing When He was Killed, or What City He was in, or Let You Ask Any Questions About Him


CNN did not provide this picture of dead Moslem Aaron Driver; I had to find it myself

By Nicholas Stix

The thing below says “Police engaged Driver, who detonated an explosive device inside the cab, injuring the driver, he said.”

Does anyone know what “engaged” means, in the above context? In war, to “engage” the enemy means to meet in armed battle with him, but in recent years, the term has been used when someone wants to confuse people.

Beginning in 2012, supporters of racist, failed, would-be murderer Trayvon Martin asserted that George Zimmerman “engaged” Martin, in order to make it seem as if Zimmerman had attacked Martin, when in fact, Martin had doubled back on Zimmerman, and sucker-punched him, as part of his plan to murder Zimmerman.

CNN operative Eliott C. McLaughlin and his editors do not want to divulge any information to readers, and they have largely succeeded.

If anyone cornered them on their refusal to publish a picture of the Moslem attacker, they would probably say that they don’t wish to glorify the Moslem, but they really don’t want to provide their readers with the information necessary to understand the would-be atrocity.

And how can CNN update a story at “3:26 PM ET, Thu August 11, 2016,” that says that police killed the Moslem 64 minutes later in the same time zone?

Canada terror threat ends in death of suspect
By Eliott C. McLaughlin,
Updated 3:26 PM ET, Thu August 11, 2016

Story highlights
• Canadian police kill 24-year-old Aaron Driver after he detonates an explosive device, authorities say
• Driver produced a video indicating he was "in the final stages of an explosives attack," police say

(CNN)Police shot and killed a 24-year-old man they say was in the final stages of a terror attack targeting a Canadian urban center during rush hour, authorities said Thursday.

The suspect, with whom police were familiar from past terror investigations, was identified as Aaron Driver, said Mike Cabana, deputy commissioner of federal policing for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Driver was killed Wednesday outside his sister's home in Strathroy, Ontario, just after entering a cab around 4:30 p.m., Cabana said. Police engaged [?] Driver, who detonated an explosive device inside the cab, injuring the driver, he said.

It's unclear if Driver, who was wearing a backpack, was carrying the explosive on his body or elsewhere, said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, commanding officer of the Ontario division.

Police believe Driver was planning to stage an attack within 72 hours, Cabana said.

FBI and RCMP had been monitoring Driver since at least 2014, well before he granted an interview to The Toronto Star using the name Harun Abdurahman, Cabana said. In the interview, he justified the 2014 attacks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa that left an unarmed soldier dead, and he expressed support for ISIS.

He was in contact with alleged terrorists in the months following, but police "were never able to establish the nature of the communications" because they were encrypted, the deputy commissioner said.

Police arrested Driver in June 2015 and charged him with knowingly participating in the activities of a terrorist group and a search of his computer yielded a recipe for explosives, Cabana said.

A court granted him a peace bond, requiring he maintain good behavior for a certain period, and ordered him to be electronically monitored.

He moved from Winnipeg to his sister's home in Strathroy in July 2015, Cabana said.

When the RCMP recently received information from the FBI, including "a video of a man in the final stages of an explosives attack," they reached out to law enforcement partners across the country and identified the man in the video as Driver.

In the video, a man in a black balaclava appears to be reading something to the side of the camera. He invokes "the bodies of filthy French lying in the street" and says Canada has received many warnings to stay off Muslim lands and discontinue its participation in the fight against ISIS.

You still have a heavy debt that has to be paid," he says.

Leonard Tailleur, who represented Driver in the previous case on which he was granted the peace bond, said he hadn't spoken to Driver since February, nor has he spoken to police.

He said he was shocked to learn of his former client's death.

"He was going to get married to a gal in Toronto," the attorney said.

Regarding the previous case, he said police had intended to charge Driver with terrorism threats based on his social media postings, but Driver and police reached a peace bond settlement allowing the RCMP to monitor Driver for up to a year.

"He was allowed to live where he wanted to as long as he told the RCMP. He had a phone that they gave him, that they were able to monitor," Tailleur said.


Anonymous said...

"Does anyone know what 'engaged' means, in the above context?"

A word meant to confuse as it is so indefinite in meaning.

Sorta like "for a while now". A while could mean almost anything from a few minutes to several years. Very indefinite.

Anonymous said...

Here in Grand Rapids,looks like we had a busy negro,doing what negroes like to do: GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Grand Rapids police say one person was shot in the ankle in an early-morning shooting Saturday.
Police were called to the area of Kensington Avenue and Oxford Street around 2:00 a.m.
Authorities are also investigating an armed robbery in the 1200 block of College Avenue NE at midnight, as well as a report of shots fired in the area of Alpine Avenue NW and 7th Street NW. Police say the suspect description they received in those cases is similar to that in the Kensington Avenue shooting, but they are not sure whether the cases are related.
Authorities tell 24 Hour News 8 that no one is in custody.
GRA:I love how the cops play dumb.Knowing how this all works in Grand Rapids now,this HAS to be a black thug,judging from the areas of town that were involved.15 years ago,Alpine and 7th was white--it's now complete ghetto--and about a 3/4 of a mile from my house.The M.O. for the blacks,is to go on the SE side ghetto(usually apartments),have a robbery/shooting,drive to the central ghetto(College ne),and then travel to the newly evolved WEST SIDE ghetto to hide or commit more crimes.It used to never happen that way,but thanks to city policy on allowing Section 8 and lots of tenants,the West Side(my side) is now refuge for criminal blacks.There was a damn heroin bust two blocks away on my street,this past week!!!Anything further will be reported.
--GR Anonymous