Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“New Trump” is Reminiscent of New Coke: New Co-Campaign Chief, Pollster Kellyanne Conway: Donald Trump was Just Kidding, When He Talked About Deporting All Illegal Aliens!


In: New Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump

In: Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon, late of Breitbart News

By Nicholas Stix

In 1985, Coca-Cola tried to foist New Coke on the country. Millions of Americans hated the taste, and revolted, whereupon the soft drink maker pulled the product. New Coke was the biggest American market failure since Ford’s Edsel (1958). The Republican presidential nominee is currently test-marketing New Trump, which trades in tough immigration enforcement for virtually no enforcement. Will Trump’s supporters drink the, er, Coke?

He’s not going to deport anyone!

On August 17, CNN’s Manu Raju reported that Kellyanne Conway had written an article in 2014 supporting mass amnesty for illegal aliens for Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s amnesty front.
Megyn, what he's saying is first secure the borders and actually apply and enforce the law... if we actually enforce immigration laws, a lot of this starts to change. Secondly, you have to deport those who have committed crimes. [Donald Trump to Megyn Kelly, The Kelly File, Fox News, Monday, August 22, 2016.]


The same night, CNN reported that Trump had flip-flopped on deportation, after reconquista groups had vetoed the idea.
It's still undecided whether Donald Trump will continue to support forced deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants living in the US, his campaign manager said Sunday. But Trump himself insisted Monday, "I'm not flip-flopping."

Out: Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski

"I'm not flip flopping," the Republican presidential nominee told Fox News on the issue Monday.

"We want to come up with a fair but firm process. Fair but firm." He did not, however, provide any specifics or elaborate on his position further.

When asked by repeated questioning by CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union" on Sunday whether Trump stood behind the idea of a deportation task force, Kellyanne Conway, Trump's new campaign manager, responded, "to be determined."

Conway was responding to reports about what was said in a meeting Trump held on Saturday with a Hispanic advisory council. Sources in the room told BuzzFeed that Trump spoke about a "humane and efficient" way to work with undocumented immigrants in the country currently, which was characterized by BuzzFeed as a way to legalize some and let them stay.
[“Donald Trump: 'I'm not flip-flopping' on immigration,” by Tal Kopan, CNN, Updated 4:38 P.M. ET, Monday, August 22, 2016.]
As I recounted at the top, on Monday night, Conway told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that Trump is going to deport “Those [illegals] who have committed crimes.”

Taken at her word, that would include virtually every illegal human being in America. But Trump is singing dulcet tones about illegals these days. My brain is melting down from the cognitive dissonance.

Here’s how politicians have played that particular word game for years. “Committed crimes” is spun to mean non-immigration crimes.

But why stop there? Indeed, the authorities never do.

On Anderson Cooper360 last night, deposed Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who is now a CNN talking head, maintained that Trump’s “position has never changed.”

In an earlier draft, I tried to come up with a possible universe in which Lewandowski was telling the truth. I thought I’d found one such universe, but eventually concluded I was wrong.

Taken literally, “Those who have committed crimes” is the biggest possible pool, because it isn’t limited to convicted criminals, or even those convicted of misdemeanors and/or felonies. However, no politician has ever included those not convicted, even though we’re talking about illegals, who can be guilty of felonies without benefit of trial. But this is New Trump, so we would do well to dispense with literal interpretations.


Out: Trump Campaign CEO Paul Manafort was brought in to replace Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, while Lewandowski was still on the job. Manafort was then replaced by Stephen Manning, while Manafort was still on the job. Politics doesn’t usually work that way, but I’ve seen that sort of behavior in the business world.

Keep in mind that the number of illegals being used by the MSM is “11 million.” That fakestat has been around for 10 years or more, and was phony from the get-go. The reality is closer to 50 million.

Is Trump going to deport 50 million illegal human beings? Now even Old Trump proposed doing that. He used the ancient fakestat of 11 million.

What about illegals convicted of misdemeanors?

If a politician is going to qualify his position on deportations, as opposed to saying, “We’re going to deport them all,” he’s already well on his way down the slippery slope. No such pol will deport an illegal convicted of a misdemeanor, even if the record of the conviction still exists.

Now, let’s look at that number for “convicted felons,” the next group down the slippery slope. It’s probably something on the order of .1%, say, 50,000.

Illegal aliens are virtually all criminals—as the late Sonny Bono used to point out—they’re illegal! However, most of them are “colored,” even though the authorities routinely lie in their fakestats, and identify them as “white,” in order to increase the white crime rate, so as to make the black rate look less bad. However, the felon rate is kept dishonestly low, through various practices of affirmative action policing and criminal justice.

When a member of an affirmative action group commits a crime, the offense charged is many degrees below the actual crime. For example, when a colored criminal commits a violent felony (aggravated assault, attempted murder, first-degree rape, grand larceny), he is often initially charged with a misdemeanor: Simple assault, trespassing, petty larceny, etc., or not charged at all.

“Trespassing,” you ask? Yes, trespassing.

As I wrote in 2014 in VDARE, in one of my many reports on “disappearing” crime/Fakestats,
[Thus,] serial rapist Daryl Thomas, could have been caught much earlier had the NYPD not covered up his first-degree, forcible felony rapes by describing them as “trespassing.”

You can Google here under “Daryl Thomas” and “rape.” Be forewarned, however, that there are a number of black rapists of the same name in different states. You’re looking for the New York City black serial rapist named Daryl Thomas.

The two largest groups of illegal alien felons who would not be deported under the new, flip-flop Trump immigration non-enforcement plan would be:

1. Illegal human beings who were caught on American soil, and deported, only to be later caught again on American soil.

The mere presence on American soil of a previously deported illegal alien is a felony. Now, we’re talking immigration law here, which is unique. Under U.S. immigration law, there is no presumption of innocence. If you’re a foreign national caught on American soil without a valid U.S. passport, green card, or some sort of visa or work authorization, according to U.S. immigration law, you’re supposed to get immediately deported. And if you return illegally, and get caught a second (or more than a second) time, you’re guilty of a felony, and again subject to immediate imprisonment, and immediate deportation, once you’ve served your time.

You’re not “allegedly” guilty of a felony, and you’re not subject to a trial. That’s how simple immigration law is—on paper.

However, ever since the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, the feds, scores of “sanctuary” cities, and a few such states, have refused to enforce U.S. immigration law altogether, or have done so in a rare and capricious fashion.

There are millions of illegal human beings who have been deported, and then again been caught illegally on American soil. ICE has typically responded by either deporting them again, or doing nothing at all. Immigration officials virtually never prosecute previously deported illegal alien felons for returning here. Thus, one reads of illegal human beings who have been caught here and deported up to nine times. (I’m being very conservative here; by now, there are probably previously deported illegal human beings who have been caught on American soil 20 times.)

2. Identity thieves. Identity theft is also a felony, even the first time, and while probably tens of millions of illegal human beings routinely engage in it, all levels of government have unofficially retired from enforcing these laws against illegals, as well as against those who sell stolen identity documents (social security cards, driver’s licenses, etc.).

Thus, there are tens of millions of illegal alien felons who have never been convicted of felonies, and thus will not be deported, under the Trump-Conway flip-flop.

If Trump will wimp out on deporting illegal aliens in general, and now only claims that he will deport “those who have committed crimes,” you can bet he’ll wimp out on many convicted felons, as well. ‘Oh, it’ll break up his family!’

It seems that Hispanic organizations complained about Trump’s deportation plan, and so he scrapped it. These are reconquista groups that want to destroy America, and which will vilify Trump, no matter how much he bends over for them. Smart move, Mr. Trump!

You know what another name for Donald Trump’s current “deportation” plan is? “Mass illegal alien amnesty.”

There are at least two Donald Trumps. One is a tough guy, and one is a wimp.

Kellyanne Conway ‏@KellyannePolls Aug 21
Best. Week. Ever. on @ThisWeekABC "This was the best the Trump campaign...he's been able to be himself the authentic Donald Trump"

That’s all, until the sightings of the next “authentic Donald Trump.”


jeigheff said...

Today is August 23, and Trump is visiting Austin, Texas. I have a ticket to hear him speak this evening at the Travis County Expo Center. It'll be interesting to hear if Trump is tough or weak on illegal immigration tonight.

I want to like Trump. But I wish he'd give up worrying about what the La Raza crowd and its allies think of him. He needs to remember his base.

As VDare says, immigration is indeed the National Question.

Anonymous said...

" even though the authorities routinely lie in their fakestats, and identify them as 'white,' in order to increase the white crime rate,"

NOT white as that word white in the racial sense usually, generally and commonly understood. Most whites are barely even comprehending such a thing even occurs.

Anonymous said...

As I stated elsewhere,Trump is trying to brown nose for votes.If he could get a 10% Mex and black swing to him-from Clinton-than is indicated now,he thinks he can win.I don't believe this rhetoric...but maybe a few minorities might.That's who he needs to con,to win.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Lesta Holt interrupted my dinner tonight with a tease for his Negro Nightly News,in about 30 minutes from now.
His headline?"Why Donald Trump's bid to win black votes,may be falling flat".
Two thoughts:How would Holt know anything at this point-it's only been a week of concerted effort by Trump to get the blacks to hear him out.
Secondly,and probably the truth:I can see why the blacks would want to stick with crooked,lying Hillary.Those are qualities blacks can relate to.She's probably their hero.
Other minor update on the 16 year old,HALF BROTHER NIG,who killed his white half sister.He was charged with murder,as an adult.Savon Schmus will be formally charged Thursday.No details yet of a motive or cause of death.
I'Ll SAY...the cause of death was the girl had to live in a human zoo.Wish I could download the pics I saw of this messed up family.Big,fat blacks posing with this girl.It would turn your stomach,just like mine did.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And even if the 11 to 12 million illegals [if indeed that number is correct which it probably is not] are legalized and still no border fence [wall] then in twenty years hence the number will be twenty to thirty million more you have to worry about "legalizing".

jeigheff said...

I got to hear Donald Trump talk last night, August 24, along with several warm-up speakers.

Much of what Trmup said were things mentioned in this article. He spoke at length about creating new jobs, and better jobs with better wages. He also said many things that were addressed to black Americans, such as getting them better education, jobs, and safer neighborhoods. Trump addressed the issues of crime and law enforcement.

Trump spoke about banning immigration from the Middle East, but didn't mention Islam, as far as I remember. He talked about creating "safe spaces" (!) there for refugees, rather than have them come here.

He did mention building a wall between the US and Mexico. He invited several members of a group called Remembrance (?) on stage, all of whom were mothers of children who were murdered by illegal immigrants; they all spoke. Some agents of the Border Patrol also joined him on stage; one spoke about how poorly our southern border was defended.

I am sorry to say that I left a little early and did not hear the end of Trump's speech. My car was parked a mile away from the Expo Center in the grass along Decker Lane, along with the vehicles of hundreds of other people. (The event was well-attended and the Expo Center seemed full.) I was starting to get worried about finding my car in the dark along a busy road, so off I went.

I didn't hear Trump mention anything about deporting illegals who were already here. (In fairness, I could have missed him saying that.) If he had, he would have gotten the biggest cheers of the evening.

I kind of like Trump, but most of what he said concerned what he was going deliver, versus saying anything about what might be required of America and Americans themselves. For instance, you just can't give someone a good education: they have to earn it. It was something that I just couldn't help but notice. I still think Trump is a better candidate than Hillary.

Since good ol' Austin, Texas is so damn proud of being weird and liberal, I was curious about how many of the crowd came from Austin itself. I'll probably never know. The crowd was mostly white, with a few blacks and fewer Hispanics. Much of the crowd seemed pretty young, which gives me hope.