Thursday, August 25, 2016

What a Genius Idea! Why Didn’t Anyone Think of It Before? Let’s Double the Minimum Wage! Hey, Why are Businessmen Suddenly Firing Their Workers? They Must be a Bunch of Racists! Let’s Prosecute ‘Em!

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Restaurants in D.C. Slash Jobs After Minimum Wage Hike
Zero Hedge

"In yet another stunning example of the unintended consequences of minimum wage hikes, restaurants in Washington D.C. are slashing jobs. "The last time DC experienced restaurant job losses in five out of six consecutive months was 25 years ago in 1991, and the last time 1,400 jobs were lost over any six-month period was 15 years ago during the 2001 recession."

What do you expect from the morons who run my dystopian hometown of Washington, D.C.?

At Zero Hedge.

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