Thursday, August 25, 2016

Affirmative Action Groups Get White University President Bounced

By A Texas Reader

“Days before the University of the Incarnate Word placed President Louis Agnese on 90-day medical leave, an anonymous complaint from ‘very concerned students’ at the school accused him of making offensive comments about African Americans, Hispanics, Native…”

Well, in defense of this cad, it's kinda hard not to make fun of the aforementioned groups.

Mormons: The indigenous (sic) from south of the border are one of the lost Tribes of Israel.


At another point, Agnese reportedly addressed a Hispanic faculty member by calling him by the wrong name. When the man corrected Agnese and said his name was Jaime, Agnese responded, “Well, close enough, you look like a José.” That faculty member did not return a message Thursday.

At the San Antonio Express-News.


Anonymous said...

The man said Jay-me and not Hi-me. You must be so fastidious when pronouncing those Spanish names. They might get mad.

Anonymous said...

A controversy,involving 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the National Anthem,is already garnering,it appears to me,lots of support for Kaepernick.
Kaepernick,who makes 12 million a year,says he,"cannot stand for something(the anthem),that represents a country,which is anti African American."
I suggest Kaepernick take some of his salary (like all of it)and spread it around to the porch dwellers of his choice.Because,only in the country that he despises so much,can he be an overpaid idiot,flap his unpatriotic mouth ignorantly,and get to keep his job.
But that's not the story here.It's the MSM,which is supporting Kaepernick,in huge numbers.Google this story and you'll see most of the main news organizations applauding this guy.
Lesta Holt's newscast,I guarantee,will have this on the Negro Nightly News,but probably not the black nun killer.
This guy was involved with reports of a sex assault in 2014--which went away.So he gets hot girls,money and freedom.What's he complaining about?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Kaepernick,who makes 12 million a year,says he,'cannot stand for something(the anthem),that represents a country, which is anti African American.'"

"I suggest Kaepernick take some of his salary (like all of it)and spread it around to the porch dwellers of his choice"

Exactly. Agree and pledge to live on one million $ per year and donate the rest to an endowment set up to provide scholarships to needy negro youth. WHY, all these negro athletes should do the same.