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The Rape and Murder of Laranda Konopaski Reminds an Illinois Reader of the Pennsylvania Case of Luis Ramirez


Laranda Konopaski last year, around the time of her high school graduation

Re: Laranda Konopaski Paid for Clallam County, Washington’s Sanctuary Policy with Her Life

For Nicholas:

This sounds familiar to the story out of PA not so long ago. The illegal there had the two babies by the underage whitey girl, that illegal got into a fight with some whitey teen boys and was killed. The whitey teen boys were tried under double jeopardy by Holder [ZANU-PF] and got life for violating the Mexican’s housing right.

[N.S.: I realize that that was the rationalization for the federal show trial, and aside from the unconstitutional double jeopardy, aside from the completely unrelated character of the fight to housing, how can an illegal alien have rights to housing?]

Mexican killed during the fight when he twice attacked the whitey boys and hit the back of his head when he was punched to the ground by those defending themselves.

That underage girl stuff is common in Central America? Those people are just so virile and manly.

N.S.: My Illinois reader is talking about the Luis Ramirez case from Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Ramirez, 25, was a Mexican illegal alien and child rapist.

This bit of propaganda by CBS operative Byron Pitts—chief national correspondent, no less—from December 23, 2009 is typical for the coverage of this story, which was MSM was all over (even now, three years later, it gets 278,000 hits at Google.)

Pitts calls Crystal Dillman, the mother of Ramirez’ two American-born children (that we know of), his “fiancée.” There’s no word, however, of the date on which they had planned their “wedding.”

And what of Dillman’s half-sister, whom Ramirez had begun raping when she was about the same age at which Moises Ramirez Matias, alias Dario Ramirez Moises, began raping Laranda Konopaski? Pitts doesn’t mention her at all.

Pitts said that the town had 5,000 residents, but that over the previous eight years that its Hispanic population had risen 82.5 percent. With Crystal Dillman’s help, Pitts paints the town’s white citizens as racists.

The victim's fiancée - and mother of his two children - Crystal Dillman says the crime exposed an open secret.

“They don't embrace other cultures. And if you are Hispanic in any way they consider you a Mexican. It doesn't matter if you're from Mexico or not, you can be from Puerto Rico and they will call you a dirty Mexican.”

Crystal Dillman is a gifted propagandist, but her lies don’t match up with Byron Pitts’ lies. He said the people flooding into Shenandoah were “an emerging Mexican immigrant population”; there’s no such thing as a Puerto Rican “immigrant” in America. All Puerto Ricans are native-born citizens.

Crystal Dillman’s genteel sensibilities notwithstanding, if 90 percent of the Hispanics one sees are Mexicans, and Mexicans are destroying one’s town, country, and life, one can be forgiven for considering the others Mexicans, too. Besides, how many Puerto Ricans has she come across in Shenandoah?

Crystal Dillman’s genteel sensibilities evidently don’t include protecting her half-sister (and in the meantime, fellow fiancée) from illegal alien Mexican child rapists.

Speaking of which, Byron Pitts misrepresented the “immigrants”; none of them are immigrants. They are illegal aliens.

According to Pitts and Dillman: 1. There is now a legal and moral obligation for Americans to “embrace other cultures” (but no obligation on other cultures to embrace us); and 2. One must even embrace an invading horde of criminal aliens who steal your jobs, your public services, and even rape your children.

Pitts approvingly cites “immigrants and anti-anti-hate groups.” English translation: Illegal aliens, and anti-white, communist and treason lobby organizations. Thus, the only people who have moral standing in his world are criminal invaders and the communists and other traitors who are using the criminal invaders, in order to impose a dictatorship, and dispossess, disenfranchise, and ultimately kill off the historic American people.

The only honest moment in Pitts’ “report” comes when a white Shenandoah teenager says on-camera, throwing up his hands, that anything he says criticizing the Mexicans makes him “sound” racist.

I can’t say it, without sounding “racist.” I can’t say, “The Mexicans came here, and now there’s problems, without sounding ‘racist.’”

As reader wyodutch sarcastically remarked to Pitts’ story,

I think it would be much safer for those immigrants to be placed next door to our federal government officials... congressmen and senators. I'm sure Hillary Clinton, John Barrasso, John McCain and Nancy Pelosi would welcome them into THEIR neighborhoods.

Before the “hate crime” was committed against Luis Ramirez, he was with his other “fiancée,” 15-year-old Roxanne Rector, whom he had been raping since she was 14 or younger. Roxanne Rector is Crystal Dillman’s half-sister.

At the original state trial, at which Brandon Piekarksy and Derrick Donchak were acquitted of murder, but convicted of assault, according to “fiancée #2’s” (Rector’s) testimony, when she and Ramirez passed the young white men and boys in question, one of them told her sarcastically that it was past her bedtime, Ramirez cursed him, said he wanted to fight, took off his shirt and jewelry, and handed them to“fiancée #2.” Ramirez went after the white, who knocked down Ramirez.

The whole incident lasted several minutes, with the fight being broken up, and Ramirez re-starting it, at one point sucker-punching Brian Scully, who was walking away with the other whites, and hitting Scully five to 10 times. At one point, Ramirez called on his cell phone for friends to come and back him up in the fight.

One of the whites hit Ramirez with the equivalent of a brass knuckles.

Ultimately, one of the whites knocked Ramirez down, kicked him in the head, Ramirez' head hit the pavement, and he died days later from his injuries.

It was a dirty, ugly brawl on both sides, but it wasn’t the racist lynching that the feds turned it into.

Rector also testified (1:37 pm.),

I had a sexual relationship with Ramirez, and he had asked me to marry him.

Another of the countless, salient facts that Byron Pitts neglected to tell his viewers was that “fiancée #1” (Crystal Dillman) had previously been paid a small fortune by People magazine for an interview.

Pretty soon, Byron Pitts can retire to a nice sinecure that someone can endow for him, say, the Jayson Blair Distinguished Professorship at the Columbia School of Journalism.

Why do I suspect that the national MSM will continue to show no interest in the life and death of Laranda Konopaski, and will not converge on Clallam County, waving wads of greenbacks at her relatives, for the truth about what Moises Ramirez Matias, alias Dario Ramirez Moises, did to her?

It’s simple: The right sort of person died in Shenandoah, PA, and the wrong sort of person died in Forks, WA.


December 23, 2009 Video


Moises Ramirez Matias, 25, on January 12, 2012, entering “Clallam County Superior Court accompanied by court security officer Eric Morris, left, in Port Angeles." -- Photo by Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News”

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Anonymous said...

How little you know about history. Thinking that the United States is a white's territory. The Native Americans could have said the same thing from the English when they came here, because, I have news for you, white people were not always here! And thinking that calling a Latin American person Mexican even if he or she is not is so obtuse. Besides not remembering anything about history, you don't know anything about geography.What does the fact the illegal immigrants are damaging your country have to do with Mexico not being the ONLY country in Latin America? The fact that this happened had nothing to do with his background. He is a deplorable human being who possesses no morals and there are a lot like him: whites, blacks, latin americans, asians. It doesn't matter the background, there are cases like this happening here that are executed by males from any cultural background. Besides, I don't believe this cases are as common in Central America as they are here. These just happens constantly here, and I believe when people from most other countries see the news about things like that happening here, they believe that this kind of thing can only happen here (which isn't true but seriously it just happens too much). What about how deplorable human beings are here? This isn't anybody's country, much less a white (europeans) country. And don't worry, kick out all the immigrants (illegal or not) that you want since nobody needs to come and make the horrendous things this man did since people here can do it well enough.

Nicholas said...

You racist, Reconquista moron, what the hell do you know about history or geography?

“Besides, I don't believe this cases are as common in Central America as they are here. These just happens constantly here…”

Liar. If you subtract all the times that illegal alien Hispanics rape and impregnate girls so many years younger than them, because their own miserable societies permit such rape, that sort of thing is rare here.

“This isn't anybody's country, much less a white (europeans) country.”

Says the invading thief.

“And don't worry, kick out all the immigrants (illegal or not) that you want since nobody needs to come and make the horrendous things this man did since people here can do it well enough.”

Save your sarcasm, you smug ignoramus. If you knew anything about American history or geography, you’d know that we used to make and do everything ourselves. All that killers like Matias brought with them is murder, rape, bed bugs, formerly eradicated diseases and cheap labor for plutocrats.

Anonymous said...

Why did you sweep the story of the Petit murders under the rug? Because they were committed by whites, eh? You can bitch and moan about other races all day.

Nicholas said...

How could I possibly "sweep the story of" any murder under the rug, let alone the Petit murders, which have gotten saturation coverage from the national media? Said national media have refused to cover the murder of Laranda Konopaski.

I just googled under "Jennifer Hawke-Petit," and got 350,000 hits. I just googled under "Laranda Konopaski," and got 4,290 hits, a number of which are for my work.

Are you the Reconquista racist moron from before? In any event, I gave you enough rope to hang yourself here, and now I'm cutting down your rotting corpse. You're stinking up the joint.