Thursday, January 12, 2012

Portland Black-on-White Max Attack: It was a Hate Crime, Alright (Video)

By OnMainStreet
Updated 4:54 a.m. on Thursday, January 12, 2012

Video of Attack


[N.S.: I have double-posted the video of the attack. The version above has simpler coding, but is a Youtube posting the censors will likely kill. The one at the end of this item is from The Oregonion, and not via Youtube, but has much clumsier, old-style coding.

P.S. Sure enough, Google's Youtube censors hunted down and killed this one, too! Down the memory hole.

Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Portland: MAX Train Assault on White Teenaged Girl–CENSORED by YouTube!”]

UPDATE: New video links and evidence that victim Karley Buckland’s race was a factor...

Well, you were right on target with YouTube pulling the vids. They took them down. [N.S.: Almost all.] However, used footage from the Youtube video in their news report. So we can see the video of the vicious attack there.

“Why didn’t anyone help girl during MAX attack?” (NWCN version);

KGW Report; and

“MAX attack victim: ‘All 3 came at me at once.’”

And here is a full video of the attack:

(Scroll half way down the article for video) And here is a full video of the attack.

ALSO, we learn from the article, “Why didn’t anyone help girl during MAX attack?,” that the victim's race was indeed a factor to her attackers:

“Another question raised Wednesday was whether this MAX attack may have been a hate crime. The victim told KGW her attackers made comments about the fact that she was “a white girl.”

“Police said, if race was a motivating factor, this case could be considered a hate crime. But so far, no arrests have been made and they continue to try and identify the attackers.”

And from the article “MAX attack victim: ‘All 3 came at me at once,’” the video shows the 14-year-old victim giving an interview, and discussing what was said to her:

Reporter: “We asked police if this could be a hate crime.”

Victim: “They were getting in my face and like calling me names, and they were saying stuff like, 'White girl has an attitude', and, 'I'm 18, I don't need stuff like this,’ and, ‘Don't disrespect my sista,’ ‘Don't roll your eyes.’ All that. All those comments just to try and get me worked up, and I wasn't.”

Sgt. Pete Simpson, Portland Police Bureau: “So if there were statements made, uh, about her race, during the assault, it could be considered an intimidation, along with an attempted assault or a harassment.”

Noted interesting comment from 'commiesense' January 11, 2012 at 8:57 a.m.:

“I witnessed 4 black teens attacking an Asian man at the MAX station by Lloyd Center about a year and a half ago. When police finally showed up I mentioned that the teens were using racial epithets. All the White cop said was ‘what knuckleheads.’ Didn't seem to take it seriously at all. When I pleaded for a hate crime he just smirked at me. True story.”



Warlord1958 said...

Anyone who proposes more "mass transit" should be ridden out of town on a rail. Or sentenced to utilize said means of transport for life so they can fully appreciate the 'groids and the TNB they obviously love.

Incorrigible Truthseeker said...

Another fine example of the feral negro at home in it's natural habitat. No matter if it is the ghetto, middle class or an affluent neighborhood blacks have relegated all forms of public transit to be an extension of their home turf and God forbid you ever need to utilize it even out of necessity.
Notice the yoot in the blue jacket begin to bounce even before the first punch is thrown and not long after another yoot feels the need to jump up on the seats, his heart racing from excitement no doubt from the pummeling this young lady endured, her only real crime being she was White and stepped into a slice of rolling ghetto.
I know the economy is tough but before I ever ride public transit I will opt for a taxi instead and ask the driver to take the long way around if he needs to. Thank God I live in a small enough town.

Anonymous said...

The Oregonian has unleashed the liberal to do damage control re this issue. Check out Joseph Rose's "commentary" on the racial aspect of this case:

Anyone suggesting there is racial bias in this incident is clearly a racist themself. Yes, telling truth and pointing out hypocrisy makes you a racist.
It's all typical liberal whitewashing of the wildly disproporationate racially motivated black on white crime. What's most amusing is Rose's disingenuous responses (or ignoring of comments) to his hypocrisy and double standards. BTW Comments to Oregonian articles re this issue have all been closed.