Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arkansas: Lifer Latavious Johnson, Who Had Already Murdered His Father, and Has Now Murdered a Female Prison Guard, May Face Charges

By Nicholas Stix


I seem to recall a song called, “A Boy Named Latavious” from my childhood. Maybe Johnson murdered his father for naming him that. Why not just name a kid, “Killer”? Then there’s the Marianne Bertrand-style explanation: He suffered such terrible racial discrimination over his name from unenlightened whites that he was driven to kill, and kill again. [“Are You an Evil Racist If You Balk at Hiring Someone Named ‘S—tavious’?”]

What was a female doing working as a guard in a men’s prison?

There are so many reasons why women don’t belong in such a facility. [See my report, “Aiding and Abetting: Feminism and the Brian Nichols Case.”]

The only possible reasons I can see for having women working in a men’s prison would be: 1. To make it easier to escape; 2. As rape-bait; and 3. As punching bags.

Why does this situation exist? Thanks to feminism and communists such as the SPLC. Like other forms of totalitarianism, Marxism, including its feminist variant, has no learning curve.

Brian Nichols was able to pull off his racist murder spree in Atlanta on March 11, 2005, because a 5’1” grandmother was assigned to guard him. The 6’1,” 210 lb. body builder and former linebacker beat her so badly that she suffered brain damage. [See my investigative report, “Brian Nichols: PC Kills…Again.”]

Arkansas gets a bad rap. Brain-dead Northern socialists and communists have for generations assumed that the South is backward. Would that it were so. Unfortunately, much of the South is in the grip of racial socialism.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee ignored the advice of prosecutors, and commuted the sentence of racist psychopath Maurice Clemmons, who was then paroled and went on to murder four white cops in Lakeview, Washington, outside of Seattle in 2009. Huckabee had previously arranged behind the scenes for the parole of convicted rapist Wayne DuMond, who went on to rape and murder two women in separate attacks.

In the ongoing Pearcy Massacre case, criminal justice officials declined to seek the death penalty against mass/serial killer Samuel Lee Conway, who has been convicted of murdering five people so far, and is charged in one more murder, and counting. [See my reports, “Never Heard of the Pearcy Massacre? One Guess Why Not!,” and “‘Don't Raise Your Voice at Me!’ [Click!] ‘Read a Law Book!’ [Click!]—A Pearcy Massacre Update.”]

And Arkansans couldn’t get enough of Bill Clinton, whom they elected attorney general and governor, and who would have been the longest-serving governor in state history, had he not chosen to change jobs.

If Arkansas were the sort of backward state that it is in media and academic myth, why, Latavious would have been lynched by now. Instead, he may not even be punished for murdering Sgt. Barbara Ester, 47. That’s right, he might be getting a freebie.

Arkansas Department of Correction spokeswoman Shea Wilson “said authorities would turn over their information to prosecutors, who will determine whether to file charges against the inmate.”

Not whether to seek the death penalty, which is the only way the state could possibly punish Johnson at this point, but “whether to file charges” at all. Nosiree, Arkansas is a modern, liberal state…damnit!

* * *

Prison Guard Killed While Checking on Inmate
Updated on Friday, 20 January 2012, 9:38 p.m. EST
Friday, 20 January 2012, 9:38 p.m. EST
AP/Fox Philly

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A convicted murderer stabbed a female guard to death at an east Arkansas prison Friday while she was investigating whether he had an unauthorized pair of shoes, a prison spokeswoman said.

Sgt. Barbara Ester, 47, was stabbed in the side, abdomen and chest at about 12:30 p.m., said Shea Wilson, a spokeswoman for the Arkansas Department of Correction. Ester died about 3 p.m. at a hospital in Memphis, Tenn., about 40 miles away.

Ester, a 12-year veteran of the correction department, was a property officer who investigated whether inmates had contraband items. Wilson said the guard had received a report that Johnson had a pair of contraband shoes.

"This is obviously very difficult for the department when something tragic like this happens," Wilson said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Ester's family.

These officers — it's a tight-knit workplace. They look out for each other and are there together for a lot of hours of the day, so this is very difficult for everyone."

Wilson said the prison was locked down after the attack and that the inmate, Latavious Johnson, was being moved to the state's maximum-security unit at Varner. She said all the other inmates have been accounted for.

Johnson, 30, was serving a life sentence for first-degree murder out of Jefferson County. He was sentenced in 2000 for killing his father. Prosecutors said Johnson was 18 at the time of the crime.

Wilson said Johnson had had several disciplinary infractions, including one this week for not obeying orders, but hadn't previously attacked a guard.

"We will move him to the supermax (prison) so he will be out of that environment ... He needed to be out of that environment," Wilson said.

Arkansas State Police and the prison's internal affairs staff were investigating the stabbing. Wilson said authorities would turn over their information to prosecutors, who will determine whether to file charges against the inmate.

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Death is too easy. A lifetime of VERY HARD LABOR, NO entertainment and lousy food. No comfort of any type. Nothing but labor, eat, sleep then more labor with labor taking up the majority of the time. Failure to labor results in physical pain. Make the filth's life one of horror and let all society know the fate awaiting the most vile criminals among us.