Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Trial Dates Set for Knoxville Horror

By David in TN

Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood set the dates for retrials of the four Knoxville Horror defendants.

The judge refused requests to move the trials out of Knox County, but said juries for all four cases will be selected from other counties “not yet determined.” The dates are:

Lemaricus Davidson, June 11
Letalvis Cobbins, August 27
George Thomas, October 22
Vanessa Coleman, November 12

Davidson, who was second (after Cobbins) to stand trial the first time, is the only defendant still facing the death penalty.

Coleman's attorney, Ted Lavitt, asked that bond be set for his client since she no longer faces the death penalty. At prosecutor Takisha Fitzgerald's urging, Blackwood set bond at $1 million.

In December, Blackwood ruled the four trials were structurally flawed because of misconduct by former Judge Richard Baumgartner.

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