Saturday, January 14, 2012

Racist Super-Predator Brian Lee Wonsom: Dozens of Burglaries and Attempted Murder by 13; at 14, He Murdered Then Raped Reform School Teacher


Pure evil: Brian Lee Wonsom. And he's only 15! (Note that Wonsom is holding a fake pair of horn-rimmed eyeglasses in his hand, which were helpfully provided by his lawyer.)


By Nicholas Stix

Upon reading this story, the first question I had was, What happened to security at the reform school? It’s full of violent, racist, young offenders. The teacher was a white, 63-year-old lady named Hannah Wheeling. How could any of the resident thugs be in a position to murder a teacher, rape her, and drag her out onto the snow? We’re talking unbelievable negligence here, on a par with the non-working security consoles/sheriff’s deputies picking up breakfast for their supervisor at Fulton County Jail (depending on whose story you’re listening to) while Brian Nichols began his March 11, 2005 racist killing spree.

The second question I had was, Did he murder her before raping her? The answer is yes. The only other case of a rapist who liked his victims dead that comes to mind is New York City serial killer Winston Moseley, whose most famous victim was Kitty Genovese. (The New York Times turned Moseley’s murder-rape of Genovese into one of the biggest journalism hoaxes of all time.)

Although the MSM assert that Brian Lee Wonsom won’t be eligible for parole until he’s 60 (in 45 years), I would not bet the split-level on that. Between the ongoing economic collapse and ascendant black supremacy, I would be surprised to see Wonsom serve more than 30 years in prison. Twenty may be more like it.

Brian Lee Wonsom pleads guilty in rape, murder case
By Brad Bell
January 13, 2012 - 11:48 am

By the age of 13, Brian Wonsom had committed dozens of burglaries, ruthlessly stabbed his neighbor while she slept and then bludgeoned to death and then raped his 63-year-old reform school teacher Hannah Wheeling at the Cheltenham Youth Facility in Brandywine.

On Friday, at age 15 he pleaded guilty to all of it. He'll spend 85 years in prison. States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks says he deserves at least that.

“Those who rape in our community who kill in our community are not fit to live among us,” she says.

The murder of Wheeling at Cheltenham in February 2010 drew widespread attention and calls for juvenile justice reform.

Her nude body was found in the snow 14 hours after she'd given Wonsom a test. Her skull had been crushed with a cinderblock.

DNA linked Wonsom to the murder and rape and later to a previously unsolved attempted murder in a Laurel building where Wonsom lived. His victim, Harriet Peprah, survived despite being stabbed multiple times.

In court Friday, Assistant State's attorney Wes Adams read a statement from Peprah saying she couldn't understand why a mere boy would have murder on his mind. The prosecutor says Wonsom is a sociopath.

“Childhood onset anti-social personality disorder,” Adams says. “That's not criminally insane - that's dangerous.”

In court, Wonsom answered the judges questions with lazy yesses and no's. He showed no emotion and he offered no explanation or apology for his crimes. He also had no family present in the courtroom.

“And you know what? There is no answer for why a 13-year-old boy is capable of killing and raping in the manner which he did,” Alsobrooks says.

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[Thanks to reader-researcher RC for this story.]


Jay said...

Regarding your reference to the Genovese murder, I grew up in Queens, pretty close to Kew Gardens and I was 8 years old when this happened.

To this day I still had the impression that many witness saw this crime and did nothing. And to this day I had no idea the murderer was a negro.

This is an astonishing revelation to me. The theme of the story was always the "witnesses who did nothing". Maybe they should have focused on the fact that the monster was a negro. Could have woke some people up and saved some lives.

Anonymous said...

This is in regards to the first passage. This was simply not a racial hate crime. There was another woman that was said to have been attacked, and she just like Brian Wonsom was BLACK! In regards to the comment that was posted, there are just as many WHITE serial killers as there is black out here. The fact that that killer was as you said a NEGRO does not make the crime any different. Also if someone is said to be a sociapath is that not a form mental issues. Let's not make this a racial thing. In this day and time its sad to know racism still exists. Her life was just as important as a black womans, and the crime was just as bad as a white murderers.

Jay said...

The fact that that killer was as you said a NEGRO does not make the crime any different.

That the killer was a negro is totally important. Negroes are 12.6% of the population. At the time of the Genovesse murder, about 10% of the population and like 1% of the Queens, NY population. Of the current 12.6% there are children, old people and women (though being female doesn't seem to reduce black violent crime), yet despite being in total 12.6% of the population, they are responsible for 50-60% of the violent crime in this nation.

You think that's not meaningful? Negroes are out of control in America. They are assaulting, raping and murdering at rates that are far above anything that their population numbers would suggest.

Negroes have little or no impulse control. There is something wrong with their brains. They are violent and destructive. It's that simple. And while I never lived in the south, I finally understand Jim Crow. They knew what they were dealing with. We no longer do, as a society.

Anonymous said...

There is something wrong with their brains. They are vio...'

read Animal
read narcissistic
read indifference
read cruel
read "I'm gonna git mine" mindset"
read deliberate

read 2 dollar pistol sometime.

People refuse to go public and acknowledge/say this. I dont need stats from ANYONE to tell me which way the wind blows, dig?

Anonymous said...

That's the percentage the media focuses on, and you choose to acknowledge. While there are everyday white men in suits that pass us by, but we think nothing of them cause they're wearing a suit! When in actuality they're business men by day- serial killers, molesters, abusers, peeping toms, and stalkers by night. Most of the school massacres and random rampage shootings are done by white kids. I'm not saying all white people are bad because I dont believe that because I am not racist, but the facts are there. Look it up!

Anonymous said...

To the mickeys.... when you started typing you proved everything I said, and the reason why some blacks do what they do to whites. You need to pick up a couple books and instead of typing ingnorance read something to expand your small little bird brain. You were definately sleep throughout the whole black history month, when its obvious you should've been in the front of the class paying close attention. White people get mad about us being around when they're the ones who brought us. IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont answer ano comments...something weak there but I'll say this.

If you've never been to gladiator SCHOOL, sthu.

Anonymous said...

Prove that he was a racist. I'll gladly await your response.

Funny how, with all the atrocious acts you pigs commit throughout the world, you relish in spewing "statistics" that only apply in the US. What about all the murdering, plundering, raping, stealing, brainwashing, and racist acts YOU pigs commit all over the world?

I can't blame you all too much, though. Racism is in your blood; you can't help yourselves. Sociopaths.

Nice try, silly devil.

call it how i c it said...

anonymous ily lol as to all u other fuck faces that goes to show how fucking ignorant white ppl are i mean look at ted bundy and all ur other fucked up ass WHITE serial killers and some of which who only killed pale ppl i mean look how yall act and feel towards others!!!! in no sense or fashion was brian right but how the hell was that racist just because mrs.wheeler just so happens to be white

Anonymous said...

Call it how you c it:

So we white MFs are ignorant? Well, let's look at the statistics for just one city, Chicago. According to the 2010 Census, African-Americans and Hispanics were 61.3 percent of Chicago’s population. Whites and Asians were 38.4 percent. African-Americans and Hispanics were responsible for 96.8 percent of homicides, 93.3 percent of rapes, 96 percent of robberies, and 91.8 percent of aggravated assaults. Thus, if you do the math, you will find that in 2010, 94.5 percent of violent crime in Chicago was committed by African-Americans and Hispanics.

If African-Americans and Hispanics were removed from Chicago, 95 percent of violent crime in Chicago would disappear along with them. Blacks were 32.4% of the population and 75% of the murderers. Whites were 31.7% of the population and 2.8% of the murderers. Do the math, and you will see that a Chicago Black chosen at random is 26.306 times as likely to be a murderer as a Chicago White. Now bring in the argument about blacks being poor and pathetic, but that doesn't hold true. Nobody in Chicago is as poor as most Whites were a century ago. Are these poor blacks without food? Without shelter? Are they laboring 12 hours a day? Most of these people are just habitual fuck-ups.