Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Have the Video of the Black Racist Assault on the White Girl in Portland; Watch and Download It, While You Can!

By Nicholas Stix

My reader-researcher OnMainStreet sent me a link to The Oregonian story on the attack that I mentioned in my previous item. However, the Oregonian video is also hosted by Google’s Youtube; thus, it is just a matter of time, perhaps minutes, before the censors kill the link.

The attack was committed on December 26, so it was yet another black Christmas celebration.

Even where black numbers are miniscule, blacks have spread their war, by taking over public space, just as they did in the 1960s where they had large numbers in cities like New York, and especially taking over public transportation (while demanding and getting a wildly disproportionate numbers of jobs) and shopping malls.

Spending for maintenance, and expansion of public transportation, especially schemes connecting shopping areas with black areas, e.g., through light rail, have become not only exorbitantly expensive boondoggles, but weapons or race war, in which whites finance their own destruction. The only solutions for whites are a return to racial segregation, vigilantism, or both.

Note that, while white-owned media seek to suppress the attack video, blacks are sharing it and gleefully watching it, again and again.



Transit police looking for girls behind vicious YouTube attack on Portland TriMet train

Published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 5:43 PM Updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 11:09 AM
By Joseph Rose
The Oregonian

Police are trying to identify a group of girls who attacked a middle school student on a busy MAX train on the day after Christmas.

Police are trying to identify a group of girls who were filmed relentlessly slapping and punching a middle schooler on a TriMet train on Dec. 26.

The violent video of what appears to be a random attack has been posted on YouTube and has been circulated among students at Southeast Portland’s Centennial Middle School, officials said.

The 14-year-old girl, who was attacked on a Green Line MAX train, is not interested in pursuing charges, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson. [N.S.: This is insane. Is this Stockholm Syndrome, or mortal fear at work?] She reportedly didn’t know her attackers.

“But transit police are trying to identify her attackers to at least give them exclusions,” Simpson said.

TriMet officials said the girl didn’t file a complaint. [Does that mean tnat they will be able to keep this felony gang attack out of the crime stats?] They said they didn’t know about the video until someone sent them the link last week, when they forwarded it to police.

In the choppy cellphone video, other young riders on the busy train can be heard laughing and cheering as the beating takes place. On the night of the attack, said spokeswoman Mary Fetsch, “Control was alerted to the incident and requested police to respond. By the time they got there, the incident was over. TriMet did not receive a complaint on this.”

“We take these type of incidents on our system seriously,” Fetsch said. “Fortunately they are infrequent.” [Even if he's telling the truth, they are about to become much more frequent.]

The beating victim’s family talked to KGW, which reported that she was on her way home from shopping at the Clackamas Town Center. The television station also reported that the victim is on Centennial’s student council, sings in the choir and plays on the school's volleyball and softball teams.

The victim’s parents told KGW their daughter was “listening to her iPod, minding her own business when the other girls started hitting her.”

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OnMainStreet said...

UPDATE: New video links and evidence that victim's race was a factor...

Well, you were right on target with YouTube pulling the vids. They took them down. However, used footage from the youtube video in their news report. So we can see the video of the vicious attack there.


Why didn’t anyone help girl during MAX attack?



MAX attack victim: 'All 3 came at me at once'

And here is a full video of the attack: [scroll half way down the article for video]

ALSO, we learn from the article 'Why didn’t anyone help girl during MAX attack?', that the victim's race was indeed a factor to her attackers:

"Another question raised Wednesday was whether this MAX attack may have been a hate crime. The victim told KGW her attackers made comments about the fact that she was “a white girl.”

"Police said, if race was a motivating factor, this case could be considered a hate crime. But so far, no arrests have been made and they continue to try and identify the attackers."

And from the article 'MAX attack victim: 'All 3 came at me at once', the video shows the 14 year old victim giving an interview, and discussing what was said to her:

Reporter: "We asked police if this could be a hate crime."

Victim: "They were getting in my face and like calling me names, and they were saying stuff like, 'White girl has an attitude', and, 'I'm 18, I don't need stuff like this.', and, 'Don't disrespect my sista', 'Don't roll your eyes'. All that. All those comments just to try and get me worked up, and I wasn't."

Sgt. Pete Simpson, Portland Police Bureau: "So if there were statements made, uh, about here race, during the assault, it could be considered an intimidation, along with an attempted assault or a harassment."

Noted interesting comment from 'commiesense' January 11, 2012 at 8:57AM

"I witnessed 4 black teens attacking an Asian man at the MAX station by Lloyd Center about a year and a half ago. When police finally showed up I mentioned that the teens were using racial epithets. All the White cop said was "what knuckleheads." Didn't seem to take it seriously at all. When I pleaded for a hate crime he just smirked at me. True story."