Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Detroit: Family of Murder Defendant Jacob Wells, Threatens to Murder Family of Murder Victim, Claudia Benson—on Camera!


Murder victim Claudia Benson


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on this case:

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By Nicholas Stix

When I read the following reader comment at the Detroit News a few days ago, I thought, I this is crazy. It can’t be true. But it was.


• Pat Robinson • North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
I was just watch the suspects family attack Claudia mom out side the court house, the mom had no protection leaving the court bldn. and the court didn't send out anyone to help her, this woman's child is dead, and this other family the offenders mom attacks the victims mom, MJ had an escort, all the stars come out with armed guards, its as if the court is so black N white they could see a crime about to begin, a mom whose son says he didn't do it, and a mom whose daughter is dead, how grey do we have to be. to see what we need is protection for the victims family, these outragous non moms who cant see the fire for the trees. give me a brake..Patricia Robinson, SC.
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• Monday at 7:28pm


My legman, David in TN, notified me separately about the incident, and sent me the following story.


* * *

“Fight breaks out after arraignment; tripod broken and used as weapon”
By Michael Rosenfield

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Chaos broke out after an arraignment Saturday afternoon at 36th District Court in downtown Detroit.

Words were exchanged between the families of the victim and the defendant as they exited the courthouse.

A woman connected to the defendant grabbed a Channel 7 tripod, slammed it into the cement, and ripped one of the legs off.

As the argument rolled on, the woman brandished the tripod leg and then made a threat.

"Stand back cameraman, because I'm going to kill these [EXPLETIVE]", the woman said.

The wild scene took place minutes after 35-year-old Jacob Wells was arraigned on murder charges. He is accused of shooting and killing 21-year-old nursing student Claudia Benson last weekend outside a Detroit bar and grill.

The families of both the victim and the defendant were in court.

No punches were thrown, and there were attempts to quell the fighting. Eventually both sides went their separate ways.

Court security would not come outside, telling Action News that outside the building is not their responsibility.

911 was called, but the fight had broken up by the time Detroit Police arrived.

"She attacked us," said Alecha Benson, Claudia Benson's mother. "They're a bunch of maniacs and animals to do this, no remorse at all."

The woman who destroyed the tripod was last seen walking down Madison Street twirling the tripod leg.

Action News did fill out a police report.

"I just want justice," Benson said. "I want them to throw the book at him for what he did to my daughter."

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Anonymous said...

If you watch the video...I mean really watch the video, you will see that the victim's family charged at the woman in the pink jacket. She is not the mother of Jacob Wells but she knows him. When she mentioned that they were not going to do anything to her son, she was speaking on her little boy that was threatened by the victim's family. Claudia's family said they should find Jacob's child and blow his head off! It caused the defendents family to speak up. Emotions were everywhere so things were done that should not have been. Although the woman in the pink jacket was wrong, she was not the only one. Of course the media did not catch all of the that though. So please do not speak on what you know nothing about! What happened to Claudia is tragic and I can't imagine how her family feels. I know they are devastated and I can understand why. However, threatening the innocent children of Mr. Wells is not right either. Attacking the family of Mr. Wells is not right. He has not gone to trial but he's already been sentenced by the media. Getting arrested does not mean that you are guilty. Please keep that in mind when you comment on the family members of Jacob as if he should not be supported. If he is guilty, of course, he should be punished. Yet in still, he is and always will be loved by his family.

Nicholas said...

Anon: "Of course the media did not catch all of the that though. So please do not speak on what you know nothing about!"

And what makes you an expert, and why on earth would I take your word for what happened?

I just love it when people with no apparent knowledge of a subject tell others, "do not speak on what you know nothing about!"

Take your own advice!

Anonymous said...

"Do not speak on what you know nothing about."

We have seen this expression used many times by supporters of the defendant(s).

David In TN

Anonymous said...

Yes I am a supporter of the defendent! I know exactly what happened. YOU were not there so YOU do not! Claudia's family threatened Jacob's child and his family reacted! Although it should have been handled differently, Claudia's family were not being attacked! They were upset with Jacob's family and it started when Jacob's family gave their condolences. That made Claudia's family more angry. They did not want to hear anything from Jacob's family and they blamed them just as much as they blame Jacob. They said things while leaving the courtroom and began making threats. There were only three people there to support Jacob, the rest of those people were for Claudia. So the woman in the pink jacket, being outnumbered, grabbed something to defend herself. After thinking about it, she realized that she should have handled it another way. However, Jacob is innocent until proven guilty. He will have his day in court. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Claudia but my loyalty relies with Jacob. I do and always will love and support him and so will the rest of his family.