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Lululemon Verdict in: Brittany Norwood Convicted of 1st-Degree Murder, for Killing Jayna Murray! Ice-Cold, Calculating Killer Faces Up to Life

Until Parole


Murder victim Jayna Murray


Jayna Murray’s parents, Phyllis and David Murray



By David in TN

After an hour of deliberations, a jury on Wednesday night found Brittany Norwood guilty of first-degree murder in the savage beating death of yoga store co-worker Jayna Murray. Using at least five and as many as eight different weapons, Norwood inflicted 322 different wounds on Murray, who suffered over 100 defensive wounds alone, the most the medical examiner had ever seen.

The jury of six men and six women decided between first and second-degree murder. To prove first-degree, the prosecution had to show the killing was willful, deliberate, and premeditated.

“Norwood sat emotionless as the verdict was read by Judge Greenberg.”

One jury member told 9NewsNow that “the overwhelming evidence that it was pre-meditated and the furious wounds found on Jayna’s body” swayed the entire jury.

He said even though he didn’t reach a conclusion until the close of evidence, everyone on the jury had a general consensus of first degree murder from the beginning.

“Today was really tough,” he said. “Her mother on the stand yesterday- the whole thing was mentally draining.”

Another juror (15-A) said he would say to the Murray family on TV Wednesday night: “I'm very sorry for your loss.”

[“Brittany Norwood Guilty of First Degree Murder of Jayna Murray in Lululemon Bethesda Murder Case,” by Ashley Jennings, WUSA9, 10:37 p.m., November 2, 2011.]

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy, L, and Assistant State’s Attorney Marybeth Ayres, R


Prosecutor John McCarthy argued the killing was planned. He told jurors there was enough time for the two to have an argument overheard by employees (who did nothing) at the adjacent Apple store, and that Norwood had time to move around and pick up at least five different weapons.

The Apple employees heard the entire, nine-minute-long atrocity.


Apple store manager Jana Svrzo

Apple store senior manager Ricardo Rios



A WJLA reader mocked Apple, “Don't Blame The Apple People. There wasn't an app for it.”

Mug shot of Murray’s killer, Brittany Norwood


Above and below, blood splatter at the crime scene: Brittany Norwood hit Jayna Murray with blunt objects with such ferocity and frequency that blood was exploding out of Murray’s head


A Montgomery County PD crime scene investigator measures blood splatter


Above and below: Norwood donned large, men's sneakers, in order to track blood around the crime scene, in support of her fabricated alibi that two men had raped her and Murray, and murdered Murray






Some of the weapons Norwood used


If the verdict had been second-degree murder, Norwood could have been out of prison while still a relatively young woman, after a mere 15 years. The first-degree verdict brings a sentence of life without parole, on paper at least.

“Murray's family choked back tears as the verdict was read and a ‘yes’ sounded from their side of the courtroom. Norwood and her family sat impassively and declined to comment afterward.”

Norwood’s sister, L, father, C, and mother, R


Norwood’s defense team of Christopher A. Griffiths, L, and Douglas J. Wood, R




“Norwood's attorney said she [Norwood] was disappointed at the speed of the verdict.”

Well, fancy that. Norwood doesn't think the jury took long enough.

Defense attorney Douglas Wood said that he “thought Brittany Norwood has been remorseful. He said it was a tough experience for Norwood.”

“A tough experience for Norwood.”

No one in officialdom or the media breathed a word about the sadistic killing’s likely character as a racist hate crime. The elephant in the living room was left in peace.

[N.S.: I thank David for his tremendous work on this trial. He produced so much great coverage, that I have yet to catch up!

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Anonymous said...

As of now, the sentencing is set for January 27. The first-degree verdict calls for a sentence of life without parole, but the judge can give a lesser sentence. The defense attorney has said he will argue for a sentence of life with parole.

We will see what happens at the sentencing hearing. I think the sentence will be LWOP.

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Well, heck, she's not going to die in jail, no matter what the sentence says "on paper," as you noted.

rjp said...

Killer taunts family of murdered teen via text message from her stolen phone.


"O'Laughlin's cell phone also was used, sources said, and taunting texts were sent to the family."

~~ I think we can surmise what might have been said in those texts. Let's not let this girl die.

Nicholas said...


Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

hang the black bitchh