Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Policing While White: Racist Indianapolis Preacher, Parks Manager, Crowd Admit Conspiring to Assault White Policeman, Insist They Did Nothing Wrong

By Nicholas Stix
Revised at 3:16 a.m., on Wednesday, August 4, 2010.


Two days ago, in “Vanessa Coleman Sentenced to 53 Years for Her Participation in the Knoxville Horror Gang-Rape-Torture-Murders,” I wrote that at all levels of black communities, racist (i.e., most) blacks believe that there is nothing that a black may do to a white, including murder him, that counts as a crime. Today, I got an on-camera confirmation of that statement, in the form of a videotaped confession by a black Indianapolis preacher to a host of felonies that he committed against a white policeman. And the odds are that that racist, preacher-felon will not be charged with any crimes.

His name is Pastor James Harrington, and his church/crime lair is Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church.

Harrington admitted, on camera, to inviting a white policeman, Sgt. Matthew Grimes, to speak at an “anti-violence symposium,” so that Harrington could stage a fake fight in the crowd, and then have crowd members assault, batter, and wound the white officer. (Harrington lied, in denying that the officer was wounded. Sgt. Grimes has suffered back spasms ever since the gang attack on him.) Harrington was reportedly aided and abetted by parks manager Willard Gupton (who has been suspended from his job), and by Ennis Adams Jr. who, according to Indianapolis’ Channel 6 News, admitted to participating in the fight that was staged, in order to lure Sgt. Crimes to the gang attack on him.

The crimes committed include:

Assault, battery, and wounding of a police officer, in the course of his duty, which, as Indianapolis’ Fraternal Order of Police union chief Bill Owensby pointed out in the above video, is a felony;

Conspiracy to commit assault, battery, and wounding of a police officer (felony);

A hate crime, since Sgt. Grimes was targeted completely due to the color of his skin (felony);

Gang assault (felony); and

Conspiracy to violate Sgt. Grimes’ civil rights (felony).

That’s a good 20 years’ worth right there. Harrington, however, has declared that he didn’t commit any crimes at all. He says that he was giving the officer “a teachable moment.”

Here is what Harrington's co-conspirator, Gupton, meant by “a teachable moment”: ‘You’re nothing. Your badge, your gun, your title are worthless here. We will do with you as we please, and there is nothing you can do about it. We are the law here.’

And to all of the black males in attendance, he was saying: ‘This is what you do to them.’

Here are Harrington’s exact words:

“Their job is to protect and serve, and even though they have families and children and everything, that they don’t put any regard to their own safety [NS: in other words, they are slaves and punching bags].

Channel 6 reporter: You don’t think this was dangerous?

Harrington: I don’t think it was dangerous, ‘cause it was in a controlled environment.

We are trying to do anything that we can to save the lives of our children, so if we have to have live demonstrations, of violence carried on by professional actors, are trained to do what they do, then that’s what we do.” [How will inciting black boys and men to become criminals “save their lives”?]

James Harrington isn’t a Christian man of the cloth, he’s a racist, rabid dog. And if he is not locked up, the next step will be for his followers to murder white policemen in cold blood.

Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Paul Ciesielski has called for charges to pressed in the case, though he didn’t name whom he thinks should be charged, arguing, “At minimum, there was a battery committed on an officer.”

Police said that cops are being baited, and Chief Ciesielski added, "We have seen an increase in false complaints about police brutality and those type of things. We are proving (them) to be false through our own investigations, and people have to realize, we're not the bad guys, we're not the enemy."

As reported by Channel 6, people claiming to represent the church denied that Harrington had acted on the church’s behalf, but such denials ring hollow, as long as church leaders do not fire him from the church, for his criminal misconduct.

"How else can I tell you we're not commenting?" said one church representative, who didn't identify himself. "I'm in charge. Just take that. I don't have to tell you who I am."

Minutes later, a church representative read a prepared statement.

"We first deny any criminal activities as it relates to the actions of Friday evening at the Municipal Gardens. Mt. Vernon did not organize nor participate in this event," said Vernita Moore, Mt. Vernon trustee. "Rev. Jimmy Harrington acted in his own individual capacity as a member of the community."

In retrospect, that Sgt. Grimes was invited to an “anti-violence symposium,” should have been a red flag. Black “anti-violence” symposia are notorious for breaking out in violence. That might have something to do with their being frequently fronts for gangsters, like James Harrington.

Harrington’s Orwellian language also needs to be analyzed: For genocidal black supremacists like Harrington, an “anti-violence symposium” means teaching black males of all ages that they should never harm other blacks, but that they should constantly harm—including rape, rob, maim and murder—whites and Asians.

Harrington and his criminal comrades have been empowered by Mayor Greg Ballard, who has responded to their aggression by backpedaling, appeasing them, and imposing ever more “training” on police to make them defer to black criminals. Ballard also has Sgt. Grimes’ blood on his hands.

By the way, no policeman is obliged to disregard his own safety.

(Tips ‘o the hat to American Renaissance and SONSOFLIBERTY2009.)


jeigheff said...

What a sickening story, and what an embarrassment to real churches.

The Bible has plenty of warnings about false prophets and false teachers, in both the OT and HT, and with good reason. If there are any real believers at that church, they should not only fire their "pastor" (and whoever else participated), but provide whatever information they have about the ambush they launched on that unfortunate police officer.

Ultimately, though, if I were a member of a church like that, and saw the evil of its leadership, I'd probably have no choice but to leave. Its problems go deeper than just the corruption of James Harrington. An individual with some discernment and spiritual maturity could find a far better church in which to serve to the Lord. Sadly enough, it appears that a very different spiritual power in control of Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church. (As a Baptist myself, I'm ashamed to write this.)

jeigheff said...

Yikes! I meant OT and NT (not HT.)

Anonymous said...

Your harsh characterization of the incident is fully justified.

There are no "professional actors" who are "trained" to do something like this safely, because the risks were unpredictable, and they fell mostly on the police officer, who was in fact injured. Having done some stage fighting, if the actors had even done that, does not allow you to pull a stunt like this ethically, legally or safely.

Pastor James Harrington was lying. He arranged the violent event that victimized that policeman. That's all there is to it.

- Daybreaker