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By Ronbo, Freedom Fighter’s Journal

Saturday Night Card Game (Think Progress Forced To Fold At Restoring Honor Rally)

This is the latest in a series on the use of the race card for political gain:

Think Progress tried really, really hard to cover the Restoring Honor rally with photographers and videographers. I don't think it is a stretch to think that Think Progress was hoping beyond hope that it would find a sign or something else that would permit it to portray the rally as racist.

Apparently, Think Progress drew some really bad cards, because the focus of its video and photo coverage is a rather pathetic attempt to claim that the rally really was a "political rally":

Political Rally Or Not? We Report, You Decide

For months, Glenn Beck has breathlessly insisted that today’s “Restoring Honor” rally was a completely non-political event. ThinkProgress attended the event and documented what we saw. Decide for yourself if Beck’s rally was non-political:

But not to mind, Think Progress also had photos of t-shirts like this one (unfortunately, TP gave no link as to where to order one):

Come on Think Progress. Is that the best you got?

With all your money, you could do better! How about a little bluff? Raise the ante and at least pretend you have good cards. A headline like this would have been a good bluff:

"Racists Hide Racism At Racist Rally"
All is fair in love and the card game. At least take some of your race cards from a different rally, and play them here.

It never stopped you

Link for T-Shirts, h/t Brian at Red Dog Report.


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Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I know you follow the following type of mis-reporting so I thought of you when I heard it. UMD students in College Park were assaulted by "youths" 1:30 AM August 29, which means after the Beck Rally.


"Three students were waiting for a University of Maryland campus shuttle bus at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday in the 4800 block of Berwyn House Road when one young person approached the victims, then left.

Investigators said that young person returned moments later with four others and attacked the UMD students. One victim was punched in the face several times. The attackers got away with less than $100.

Police have put up posters and passed out fliers reminding students when they are most vulnerable to crime, but these victims were doing the right things by staying in a group and using campus transportation, News4's Jane Watrel reported..


No arrests have been made."

No description might be a reason. This was on NBC4 in the DC area yesterday from 5 to 6 and again between 6 to 7.

My memory of the TV broadcast is that students were beaten after being knocked to the ground. So it was more than in the written report.

In the case of the Beck Rally, the media invent racism, and when (likely) blacks then attack white college students in the area, they don't even report a description. This was a racially motivated beating against Whites in direct response to the Beck Rally in the area. Moreover, the media created anti-White hysteria.

Washington Post had hysterical anti-White reporting and columns every day for the last 2 to 3 weeks over Cordoba House, Obama supporting Cordoba House and the Beck Rally. WaPo and national media made Obama's endorsement of Cordoba House and opposition to it a racial thing.

WaPo thread comments instigated by this wall of anti-White anti Beck anti Tea Party reporting have equated whites to the KKK and equated Beck and the Tea Party to the KKK. This has gone on in major media for several weeks. This brought on this racial black on white beating the night after the Beck rally. White college students are a symbolic group for blacks to attack.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

I posted the above comment at WaPo but it stealth posted. It shows on my account as posted at

8/31/2010 6:45:07 AM


However, when I look at the same thread on another computer not logged into that account, the post is not there. WaPo has stealth banned me. So I can't post the truth at WaPo about how their race baiting of Blacks against Whites led to the attack by Black Youths against White college students after the Beck Rally.

I believe that WaPo may have also stealth banned some others who commented against the massive orchestrated attack WaPo has had against the Tea Party, Beck, and Whites in the past several weeks leading up to this attack on White college students.

Nicholas said...

Dear OAL,

Thanks for writing. I'm honored that you would think of me re this incident, and your points are all well-taken. Let me see if I can get some racial vic and perp descriptions today.

As for the WP, over the past couple of years, media outlets large and small alike have gotten incredibly aggressive about censoring right-of-Stalin commenters. I'll add your experience to my growing list of types of 'Net censorship.

Thanks again, for contacting me.