Saturday, August 07, 2010

Was Racist Mass Murderer Omar Thornton’s Girlfriend Kristi Hannah His Accomplice in Beer Thefts?

Kristi Hannah asked police of woman in incriminating videotape, "Was she a blonde?"

By Nicholas Stix

A scoop by New York Post reporter Jennifer Bain (with Dan Mangan), published yesterday on the Post’s Web site suggests that black mass murderer Omar Thornton’s white girlfriend Kristi Hannah was his crime partner, helping him to resell beer that he had stolen from his employer, Hartford Distributors, to third parties.


The happy couple, before Thornton was exposed as a thief, and decided to become a "victim of racism."

That might explain why Hannah has, since Thornton’s atrocity on Tuesday, gone from claiming (without evidence) that her boyfriend had endured two “racist” incidents in two years on the job, to asserting that he was enduring racism “over and over and over and over and over,” on a daily basis. Such Sharptonesque, breathless expansion of incredible charges and hyperbole comes straight out of The Race Hoax Handbook: Twelve Steps to Bigger, Better Race Hoaxes.

Similarly, she has been upping the ante, going after race-sensitive corporation Anheuser-Busch, currently ranked 149th on the Fortune 500, which owns the distributorship, claiming that she wants “everybody to know that Budweiser [sic] should be held accountable for the racism stuff.” (Anheuser-Busch routinely lets itself be shaken down for millions by racial extortionists such as
Jesse Jackson Sr.)

In “Mystery of theft tape as gal pal clams up,” Bain and Mangan write,

The girlfriend of Connecticut shooting-rampage madman Omar Thornton yesterday stonewalled cops when she was asked to identify a woman seen on surveillance video receiving stolen beer from Thornton.

Kristi Hannah told reporters that Manchester police had asked her to view the tape and possibly ID a woman seen getting the swiped suds from Thornton, a truck driver for a large beer distributor.

Hannah, 28, asked the cops if the other woman was a “blonde,” she told reporters.

Cops told her they would have to check the tape again to see if that was the case.

Cops told her they would have to check the tape again to see if that was the case.

Hannah, who was nervous about talking to police without a lawyer, then told cops she would not watch the video in their presence.

Instead, she said she would watch the video on TV if it were released publicly.

Police declined to comment….

At this point, it may be time for the MSM to move on to their next race hoax.


Anonymous said...

LOL, guilty as charged.

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....INDEED the Leftard Media missed a few key points as usual, but we objective reporters tell the truth.


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