Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blocking Whitey’s Path

By Nicholas Stix


I saw this video at Lawrence Auster’s favorite Web site, Alternative Right, whose editor Richard Spencer inaccurately entitled it, “Natural Selection Caught on Film.” Auster also erroneously titled it, “The Top Darwin Award Winner of All Time.” (Is Auster flirting with converting from Episcopalianism to social Darwinism? Nah.)

Millions of blacks in this country, of all social classes, get up in the morning (or the afternoon), and devote their day to variously harassing, threatening, violently attacking, and otherwise terrorizing whites and Asians, and sometimes even Hispanics. But while racist blacks hate everyone, including other blacks, their primary obsession is whitey.

An increasingly popular act, which can entail anything from harassment, to the first stage of a violent crime (parallel to a stare-down), is for blacks to block whites’ (and Asians’) path. This they do on sidewalks, in stores, in the street, even blocking the entrance to the victim’s own home.


March, 2010 attack by a mob of racist black teenagers and men in Cleveland on 73-year-old and 51-year-old white men, after the blacks had blocked the entrance to the older man’s home.

The black in the video at the top was looking to cause traffic accidents among white or Asian drivers hitting the brakes and/or swerving out of his way. Instead, for once, he got his comeuppance.

We have the video evidence, because the racist fool’s friend went along, to videotape the carnage they had hoped to cause. It is no longer enough for blacks to devote their days to making non-blacks miserable. They must videotape the evidence, so that they can enjoy their crimes in perpetuity.

(Even Somali Moslem “refugees,” who not long ago were setting fires on the kitchen floors of their new American apartments, paid for by the predominantly white tax base, have assimilated to black America norms and gotten into the act, and began attacking lone whites, and videotaping their crimes.)



On June 1, 2008, 20-30 black teenagers and men blocked the road in front of a white couple in Mount Clemens, MI, as a prelude to one, Deonte Lincoln, throwing a brick through the car's windshield. When husband Andy Kauffman, 29, stopped and yelled at the mob, they dragged him out and beat him until they fractured his skull, and left him for dead, and also beat his cousin, Derek Hines, 30. Kauffman suffered brain damage, and requires medication for daily headaches, anxiety, and anger. One of the racist black attackers, Steven Lincoln lied, insisting that Kauffman had yelled a racial epithet at the mob, after Lincoln had smashed Kauffman’s windshield. (Sound familiar?) Only six of the attackers were punished, receiving token sentences. Black mobs whose respective memberships overlapped with each other and the mob that attacked Kauffman and Hines also committed two other “random” black-on-white attacks in Mount Clemens that weekend.

It seems that this blocking of people’s paths as a prelude to a violent crime has even been a problem in black neighborhoods where there are no whites (or Asians) to terrorize. That is because, I maintain, when white elites refuse to exercise moral leadership over blacks, or as is today the case, encourage anarchy and moral dissolution among them (as do black elites), the wickedness always spreads beyond the intended target group.

One of the untold stories of the era beginning with the Giuliani mayoralty (1994 through 2001) is that although the NYPD has been handcuffed, as far as dealing with black and Hispanic crime against ordinary whites, “the job” has been a given free hand to proceed aggressively against black and Hispanic criminals victimizing blacks and Hispanics.

That is the backdrop you need, in order to understand a campaign by the commander of the 81st Precinct, Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello, in violent, black, racist Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

On May 11, Village Voice “reporter” Graham Rayman wrote,

Over a 17-month period ending in October 2009, police officer Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded conversations at Bedford-Stuyvesant’s 81st Precinct, including 117 roll calls, during which superior officers like precinct commander Steven Mauriello can be heard instructing cops to arrest people for things like “blocking the sidewalk.”

Rayman presents Mauriello as an out-of-control fascist. That is because although the white-owned and edited Voice has always presented itself as pro-black, it is actually pro-black criminal. At the height of the 1999-2000 racial profiling hoax, genocidal black supremacist and Voice propagandist Peter Noel, vowed in a published rant to kill any policeman who killed, for whatever reason, his then 13-year-old son.

Unfortunately, most blacks today are also pro-black criminal; they just want black criminals to restrict themselves to terrorizing whites and Asians, while leaving other blacks, save perhaps for black Republicans, alone.

(Tips ‘o the hat to American Renaissance and Nivius Vir.)


Anonymous said...

I have not thought my carry permit to be terribly useful- I rarely walk places it would likely be needed. But having a gun in your car is huge advantage in a stuation like this, and a carry permit makes that possible. It might not be on my hip but it will be under my seat.

Nicholas Stix said...

"But having a gun in your car is huge advantage in a stuation like this..."

Life and death huge!

Ronbo said...

No doubt about it - A civil war made more horrible by a race conflict is in the cards for this country thanks to the Leftard ruling class who refused to apply the law equally and crush black racism.

I predict a new republic will not make the same mistake in regards to the Enemies of the American People.

John said...

Happened three times today in a total of 45 minutes in the grocery store.

Always with an intense stare as my path the individual changed direction to cut across my path. One of which resulted in a "shoulder bump" as I refused to stop in my tracks and defer.

Ronbo said...

Re-posted here with link back to you.

Check my count meter - Your articles are getting attention.