Sunday, August 08, 2010

Girlfriend’s, MSM’s Cover Stories Unravel, as First Alleged Accomplice is Arrested in Mass Murderer Omar Thornton’s Theft Ring; More Arrests Possible

By Nicholas Stix

How much longer are the MSM going to maintain their ridiculous cover story, whereby racist mass murderer and thief Omar Thornton was a righteous black man who heroically stood up to the white racists who had been terrorizing him, all of whom richly deserved their fate?

Kristi Hannah asked police of woman in incriminating videotape, "Was she a blonde?"

A scoop by New York Post reporter Jennifer Bain (with Dan Mangan), published early Friday on the Post’s Web site suggested that black mass murderer Omar Thornton’s white girlfriend Kristi Hannah was his crime partner, helping him to resell beer that he had stolen from his employer, Hartford Distributors, to third parties. Meanwhile, a follow-up story 24 hours later by the Post’s local competitor, the Daily News, reports that Christy “Quail,” 33, the girlfriend of Thornton’s best friend and former Hartford Distributors colleague, Sean Quail, had been arrested as Thornton’s accomplice in his criminal scheme.

(Treating a man’s girlfriend as if she were his wife, is apparently part of the MSM’s Brave New World, which we saw in one of the first stories on racist mass murderer Omar Thornton, which spoke of his girlfriend’s family, as if it were Thornton’s “family.” I have also seen news stories in New York in recent years that referred to someone as a “common-law” spouse. Never mind that common-law marriages were legally abolished by the State of New York in 1933. MSM reporters nowadays feel that they are self-appointed legislatures.)

Omar Thornton and Kristi Hannah


“Christy Quail, 33, was caught twice last month receiving beer from Thornton on tape recorded by a private investigator hired by Hartford Distributors,” police said. She was arrested at her home yesterday and charged with two counts of sixth-degree larceny, cops said.

“Rampage murderer Omar Thornton caught on video giving friend beer,” by Matthew Lysiak and Leo Standora, Daily News, August 7, 2010.

(Christy “Quail” has dark hair.)

Thornton’s little criminal conspiracy to steal and resell beer might explain why Hannah has, since Thornton’s atrocity on Tuesday, gone from claiming (without evidence) that her boyfriend had endured two “racist” incidents in two years on the job, to asserting that he was enduring racism “over and over and over and over and over,” on a “daily basis.” Such Sharptonesque hyperbole, and breathless expansion of incredible charges comes straight out of The Race Hoax Handbook.

Thornton’s employer, union, and state officials all maintain, contrary to Kristi Hannah, that he never made any complaints about racism.

And as I previously reported, over one year before the time frame in which Kristi Hannah insists that Thornton saw a drawing of a noose in a workplace bathroom, and the State of Connecticut had enacted a law “to punish those who display nooses to intimidate or harass minorities,” with “violators in Connecticut fac[ing] up to a year in prison.”

Hannah has since revised her story, saying that the company would clean off the racist graffiti, and a few days later, someone would paint or write more of the same.

Thus, were Hannah telling the truth, between the noose and the racial epithets, her boyfriend could have sued Hartford Distributors and become a very rich man, without having to steal from, or even work for the company any more.

Hannah has been upping the ante, going after race-sensitive corporation Anheuser-Busch, currently ranked 149th on the Fortune 500, which owns the distributorship, claiming that she wants “everybody to know that Budweiser [sic] should be held accountable for the racism stuff.”

(Anheuser-Busch routinely lets itself be shaken down for millions by racial extortionists such as Jesse Jackson Sr.)

Bain and Mangan of the Post report,

The [blonde-haired] girlfriend of Connecticut shooting-rampage madman Omar Thornton yesterday stonewalled cops when she was asked to identify a woman seen on surveillance video receiving stolen beer from Thornton.

Kristi Hannah told reporters that Manchester police had asked her to view the tape and possibly ID a woman seen getting the swiped suds from Thornton, a truck driver for a large beer distributor.

Hannah, 28, asked the cops if the other woman was a “blonde,” she told reporters.

Cops told her they would have to check the tape again to see if that was the case....

Hannah, who was nervous about talking to police without a lawyer, then told cops she would not watch the video in their presence.

Instead, she said she would watch the video on TV if it were released publicly.

Police declined to comment….

“Mystery of theft tape as gal pal clams up,” by Jennifer Bain and Dan Mangan, New York Post, August 6, 2010.

The MSM, predictably, has ignored this development.

Hannah concocted two secondary cover stories which she thought would refute the videotapes of Thornton stealing. The first one was “he didn’t drink,” as if that had any bearing on a theft-resale ring, and the second story was that all of the white drivers were also stealing, but only Thornton was fired, because he was black.

“They all did it, that's why it’s funny that they're pinpointing.”

Posters at racist black blogs have made the same claim, without even referring to Hannah, so natural a talking point that is at such venues.

Should Kristi Hannah also get arrested, look for her to claim that the authorities are retaliating against her for ‘speaking out against racism,’ and seeking to silence her.

Doing its part to bolster the MSM fairy tale, Google made the racist rant, The Omar Thornton Shootings Show Us Racism Is Here To Stay‎, the number one news story on the case earlier today, even though it was just a post at a blog. (We need to dispense with the idea that Google is an alternative to the MSM, and see it as part of the MSM.)

Some less experienced readers may be wondering how the MSM can maintain its racial fairy tale, according to which Omar Thornton was a black avenging angel, righteously smiting white racists, with such tenacity, in spite of a complete lack of supporting evidence, and in the face of mountains of evidence contradicting their fairy tale.

The MSM are a cross between a religious cult and a massive, criminal organization.

Religion is based on faith, not facts. For a believer to maintain faith in a beneficent Creator, in spite of one terrible fact after another, is a virtue. If journalism is to be more than mere propaganda, however, journalists must submit to facts. But where race or sex is concerned, they don’t.

In a criminal interrogation, in which a group of detectives have thrown a crook’s lies back in his face over and over and over and over and over again, an ordinary criminal would have broken, and recanted his cover story days ago. But members of the MSM cling desperately to their sexist, racist faith. These are people who were carefully screened by journalism schools, based on their contempt for facts and hatreds, and carefully monitored during that year for disqualifying tendencies towards honesty and decency. And once they get hired, they are continually monitored. Last year, a leading MSM reporter I interviewed mentioned an editor putting him through a wringer politically for a seemingly innocuous story he’d written.

Not only must MSM “reporters” constantly prove anew their fidelity to the MSM’s creed of racism, sexism, and dishonesty, but unlike ordinary criminals, they never get “taken downtown” and confronted, alone, with their lies, by a team of honest interrogators. They always remain together with their co-conspirators, who mutually reinforce each other’s cover stories.

Most of the time, the MSM are able to remain on message with unfolding stories pertaining to race or sex, but sometimes they screw up, and let some truth seep in.

The most dramatic previous case I know of, was the murderous black anarchy that took hold in New Orleans beginning shortly before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, in late August, 2005. Caught up in the initial excitement, the MSM reported honestly on blacks who were breaking into gun shops, murdering people, committing gang rapes, shooting at (mostly white) rescuers, etc. But after a few days, blacks began raging at the MSM for telling the truth, and the MSM’s leading lights suffered truth remorse. As I reported in several different articles between October, 2005 (4,100 words) and September, 2006 (9,600 words), the folks running New Orleans’ Times-Picayune newspaper then engaged in what is, to my knowledge, the biggest case of organized journalism fraud in the history of the American press. The Times-Pic’ unreported many of its own biggest stories, but without admitting that it had published them, and in a few weeks’ time, Times-Pic’ star “reporter” Brian Thevenot went from being a celebrity for writing about enduring the anarchy, to being a celebrity for denying that the anarchy had ever occurred.

In one of the snafus that the MSM ignored, a few weeks after Thevenot had reversed his story, the American Journalism Review published a long article that it had commissioned from him, telling his original story. No one at AJR or the MSM pointed out the obvious. Thevenot then lied, in claiming that he had corrected himself, and intimidated blogger Eric Scheie into silence, by threatening to sue him.

While Columbia University’s Pulitzer Prize Committee, run by Nicholas Lemann, gave the Times-Pic’ not one but two Pulitzers as a reward for its fraud, I gave seven of the paper’s editors and reporters—Peter Kovacs, Dan Shea, Jim Amoss, Gordon Russell, Jeff Duncan, Gwen Filosa, and of course, Brian Thevenot—my Duranty-Blair Award for Journalistic Infamy.

Since Omar Thornton’s case was that of a workplace shooting, it was even more sudden and dramatic than New Orleans, since in 2005, the MSM had known both that a hurricane was about to make landfall, and what “NOLA” was all about. But when your police contacts call, and tell you that a guy is shooting up a workplace, you grab your laptop, and run. Plus, black workplace shooters have traditionally been rare.

You get to the crime scene, and learn, “Oh, s--t, it’s a black guy!” So, you have to go to Plan B, and swamp the real story with a “racism” story. Fortunately, this is easy: Since the racist, mass murderer was a paranoid black, you’re permitted, nay, obligated to ignore the facts, and his white girlfriend and her mother are playing the game, too.

The “racism” story practically writes itself. The eight dead and two wounded whites? Unlike darling Kristi Hannah and her mom, Joanne, they’re just a bunch of racist white trash. They’re not your problem at all. They’re not even collateral damage in the revolution. (When black folks kill other blacks, the victims count as collateral damage.)

In a legitimate enterprise, when you radically screw up, you get fired and publicly humiliated. Conversely, in the MSM, unless there is organized political resistance, as in Mary Mapes’ Memogate Hoax, the same misconduct gets you awards and raises.

The Associated Press has been the most egregious offender in maintaining the dishonest “Thornton was a victim of racism” talking point (e.g., see here, here, and here), so maybe Lemann will reward the AP with a Pulitzer or two for lying, this time around.

And yet, so few people believe the MSM’s fictions anymore that the entire print industry is teetering on the brink of collapse. Only racist blacks and relatively few white communists believe such nonsense, and blacks never financially supported the MSM, even in good times.

But the MSM can’t change, and so at this point, it may be time for them to move on to their next race hoax.


Anonymous said...

When a lie is given a big head start, it is almost impossible for the truth to catch up.

David In TN

Rick Darby said...

After the murders themselves and the MSM twisting the story, what I find shocking is that a white woman like Kristi Hannah would be involved at all with a lowlife like Omar Thornton. Maybe she comes from a screwy family or was raised on the wrong side of the tracks, but judging by the first photo she's not unattractive (would be even more so with a better hair style and without the tat).

Surely she could have found herself a decent white bloke, possibly even one who would have offered financial security. What gets into the heads of these women to throw in their lot with shady-dealing blacks? Are they that desperate for kicks? Has society maltreated them to the point that they are in permanent rebellion (I believe I read she is 31, normally the beginning of the age of discretion)?

What a waste.