Friday, August 27, 2010

The Friends of Omar Thornton: Two Alleged Accomplices Indicted So Far; One Assaulted Photographer On-Camera

By Nicholas Stix


The mainstream media (MSM) are off trolling for their next race hoax, having long forgotten their campaign to make racist-thief-mass murderer Omar Thornton a victim of white racism. But I haven’t forgotten. Eight of Thornton’s victims are still dead, and the other two have scars that will last a lifetime. The media’s slanders remain. And the case of a penny-ante criminal conspiracy remains, which gets more pathetic by the day.

Christy “Quail,” 33, the wife of Thornton’s best friend and former Hartford Distributors colleague, Sean Quail, was arrested on August 6 as Thornton’s alleged accomplice in his criminal scheme.

As Matthew Lysiak and Leo Standora reported in the August 7 Daily News,

“Christy Quail, 33, was caught twice last month receiving beer from Thornton on tape recorded by a private investigator hired by Hartford Distributors,” police said. She was arrested at her home yesterday and charged with two counts of sixth-degree larceny, cops said.

On August 16, her husband, Sean, was arrested on the same charges.

Attacker of journalists and alleged Thornton accomplice, Sean Quail.

Quail was to be arraigned on August 17, but her lawyer instead got a mysterious continuance that morning before court began. I can only imagine that that was in order to drag out matters until after things die down, and the matter can quietly be disappeared. She must have a well-connected lawyer.

But a funny thing happened at court that day. When a friend pulled up in a truck to pick up Christy Quail, with husband Sean riding shotgun, a Fox CT team approached the truck to get a shot and ask Mrs. Quail questions. But as soon as she boarded the truck, her husband whipped out cans of hornet and wasp spray, and sprayed reporter George Colli and photographer Alan Chaniewski, hitting Chaniewski in the face. Since the attack was caught on camera, I don’t have to say “alleged.”

Chaniewski got first-aid at a nearby firehouse, and the truck was stopped by police, who arrested Sean Quail.

Thus, Sean P. Quail has managed to leverage his two larceny charges into additional charges of “three counts each of reckless endangerment and third-degree assault, as well as carrying a dangerous instrument and breach of peace.”

Mr. Quail may need an even better lawyer than his wife.

Note that a couple of days after Thornton’s rampage, his girlfriend, Kristi Hannah, insisted that he didn’t drink, and thus that he would never have stolen beer. At about the same time, Sean Quail floated the same ridiculous claim. What does whether a man drank beer have to do with whether he stole and re-sold it?

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