Sunday, August 29, 2010

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Calls Katrina the Worst Natural and Man-Made Disaster in American History

[Postscript, 9/2/12: Tonight, Peter Brimelow just published my VDARE Katrina update, “Revising Katrina for the Age of Obama.”]

By Nicholas Stix


According to WPIX New York reporter Jennifer Jordan on last night’s 10 O’Clock News, Mayor Ray Nagin says, “Katrina was the worst natural and man-made disaster in the history of the country.”

Why “man-made”? The question is important, because for five years blacks have insisted, based on a rumor initially circulated by the genocidal black supremacist Min. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the terrorist group, the Nation of Islam, in diametric opposition to the truth, that there was no black anarchy, and that the damage to the city was caused by the government’s having dynamited the levees in the Ninth Ward, in order to commit genocide against poor blacks.

The truth is that even before Katrina made landfall, New Orleans blacks who stayed in town, undertook an orgy of looting (including police looting stores and automobile dealerships!), rape, robbery, maiming and murder that dwarfed their usual daily orgy of violence, which had already made “NOLA” one of the country’s five most violent cities. And on top of that, they took the opportunity to go hunting for whites in dry neighborhoods, where they slaughtered them, and they repeatedly sought to murder predominantly white rescue workers.

But Nagin is gracious. He takes a tiny bit of responsibility for New Orleans’ post-Katrina problems—for about a second, before throwing it back in citizens’ faces (at about 2:13 in the tape).

WPIX’s Jennifer Jordan: He says there was no playbook to coordinate evacuations [that’s a lie!] and admits to making mistakes.

Mayor Nagin: I could have probably managed expectations a little bit better, but most people in America have a fast-food mentality, and want everything to be done overnight, and that was impossible.

So, those are some of the things that I could have done a little bit better.

No, Mr. Mayor. You are responsible for panicking, being indecisive, not sticking to your own emergency plan, failing to order people to evacuate in time, not using the 500 school buses that you had at your disposal to ferry people to dry ground in nearby Baton Rouge, and then screaming to the feds, “Get up off your ass!”

As for "hav[ing] a fast-food mentality, and want[ing] everything to be done overnight," that is not at all true of "most people in America." Whites are used to having delay gratification for years and years, while they get an education, slowly work their way up, if they are not waylaid through affirmative action, save for the down payment on a house (unlike black and Hispanic deadbeats, no one gives them free mortgages), and then, after buying one, spend half of their adult lives paying it off.)

So, the disaster was “man-made,” but not what blacks mean by that term. Contrast New Orleans with places like Gulfport, Mississippi, which was hit worse by Katrina, but which had some looting (but nothing like in New Orleans) but few problems with violent crime, and where billions in federal money weren’t variously stolen, or spent on strip clubs. And although like New Orleanians, the folks in Gulfport went days without water or electricity, and had precious little food, unlike folks in NOLA, they didn’t panic, or remain helpless until the feds showed up. White folks protected each other, and started working on repairing their homes and property, as soon as the storm had passed. (Gulfport was and remains one-third black.)

I wrote a number of exposés on New Orleans in 2005-2006, and even appeared on an Australian radio show, to argue against a lefty propagandist. I’ll be reposting them, in dishonor of the anniversary.

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Anonymous said...

Nagin is historically challenged as well. The greatest natural disaster in American history was the hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas on September 8,1900, killing 8000-10,000 people.