Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Racist Columnist Leonard “Cry Me a River” Pitts Jr. vs. “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger

By Nicholas Stix

Asking racist, pathological liar columnist Leonard “Cry Me a River” Pitts Jr.—a convicted Pulitzer Prize winner—for advice on race is like hiring a convicted pedophile to run a day-care center.

In his newest, er, thing, Dr. Laura’s ignorance on display, Pitts molests truth and decency—that’s what the Miami Herald pays him to do, after all—and radio host “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger. (To the literacy volunteers reading to the functional illiterates who have been screaming on message boards that Schlessinger has no doctorate and no education, she has a real doctorate in a real field, physiology, from Columbia, on top of a B.S. in biology from my alma mater, SUNY Stony Brook, and an M.S. in physiology, also from Columbia. And for what it’s worth, she reportedly also has a “post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling” from USC. Such a credential means little to me, and even less to her political enemies. There’s no credential for wisdom. That’s not a knock on Schlessinger, but a general statement on the value of university credentials in certain fields. And yet, if her detractors were as serious about credentials as they purport to be, her post-doc certification would mean the world to them. It’s just that, in their ignorance and laziness, they had no idea just how mindbogglingly educated this woman is.)

For background, please read my article on Schlessinger, “[Censored, Censored, Censored]…” The title is a third-hand quotation, but in a nation in which tens of millions of blacks shout out the “N-word” about 1,000 times each per day, it really shouldn’t matter, and indeed, to black racists like Pitts and Nita “Jade” Hanson, the racist black caller who I believe set up Schlessinger, it doesn’t, or so they claim.

Both racists have insisted that using the “N”-word wasn’t the worst of the radio host’s offenses. But such sophistry is a gimmick of the Black School of Rhetorical Bombast: Take an act committed by a white that racist blacks have decreed is the worst thing that a white can do, seek to destroy her for the offense, but then insist that that wasn’t even the white’s, er racist’s, worst offense.

I can only skim Pitts’ column because, as Mary McCarthy famously observed of Stalinist Lillian Hellman, every word he says is a lie, including “and” and “the.” A complete Fisking would take thousands of words, and constitute cruel and unusual punishment of my readers.

Pitts: “There are exceptions, yes, but by and large, that terrain is the dark side of the moon for conservatives. They don’t know it well, so they tend to go there rarely, reluctantly and seldom voluntarily. And when they do, they not infrequently make Patrick Buchanan-size jackasses of themselves.”

Implication I: Racist white leftists and black racists like Pitts are experts on race. I’m way beyond laughing at the smug sense of entitlement of racist black AA hires like Pitts. Sometimes I get angry, but Pitts is so weak that he’s usually just boring.

Implication II: When Pat Buchanan writes about race, he makes a “jackass” of himself.

First of all, every time I’ve seen Buchanan write about race—and I’m a long-time, regular reader—he’s been dead-on. Second of all, I doubt that Pitts has read Buchanan on race, or any other topic, in this millennium. And third, whether intellectually, journalistically, or in thinking about race, Pitts can’t carry Buchanan’s jock strap. (And though I recognize Buchanan as probably America’s greatest living political writer, I’m not even a Buchananite! To get the measure of the man, read his masterpiece, State of Emergency.) It’s unfair to Buchanan for me to even mention his and Pitts’ names in the same sentence, but it was Pitts who went out of his way to make this an issue. He always puts his foot in his mouth in ways that would mortify a man who had any integrity.
But Pitts was just warming up.

“So the train wreck of a radio segment that generated unwelcome headlines for talk-show host Laura Schlessinger last week was predictable the moment she took a call from an African American woman named ‘Jade.’ [Hanson] See, Jade, inexplicably, sought Dr. Laura’s advice on what to do when her white husband’s family and friends make ‘racist comments’ in front of her.”

“Jade” didn’t call Schlessinger for advice, but in order to set her up.

“And that’s when the train took a header into the gorge. First, there was Jade’s mention of a neighbor who can’t drop by without asking her how black people like this or black people like that. Dr. Laura said that wasn’t racist — which is arguably fair, but ignores the fact that a person gets tired of constantly being treated as an emissary from the planet Negro.”

Then why doesn’t Pitts quit his job? His entire career, personal wealth, and Pulitzer conviction are based solely on his “being treated as an emissary from the planet Negro.”

“Then there was Dr. Laura’s non sequitur rant about how blacks voted for Barack Obama ‘without giving much thought’ — the brainless, easily swayed black voter being a fiction beloved by many conservatives, and never mind that it was Queen of Soul Hillary Clinton who had the black vote sewn up and Obama who was forced to earn it.”

It wasn’t a non sequitur. “The brainless, easily swayed black voter” is a fact much beloved by all white leftist and black racist Democrats. Hillary Clinton never had the black vote sewn up. The problem was that black voters lied to pollsters.

“There is much more, but we are running out of space and still haven’t gotten to the part that made headlines and forced Dr. Laura into an apology the next day. Jade asked, ‘How about the N-word?’”

“Black guys use it all the time,” snapped Dr. Laura. “Turn on HBO, listen to a black comic and all you hear is n—-r, n—-r, n—-r.” [NS: Pitts quoted the full word; I censored it, in order to protect from censorship software, and from Google's censors.]

When Jade challenged her casual use of that word, Schlessinger doubled down. She repeated her N-word trilogy and at one point told Jade, “I think you have too much sensitivity …”.
There is, should it need saying, a big hole in Dr. Laura’s reasoning. Comics do all sorts of obnoxious things. They call women by a synonym for female dogs. They talk about menstruation, masturbation, nose-picking, gas-passing and other subjects that are generally avoided in polite company.”

Schlessinger’s mistake was in referring to black comedians. It is ordinary—whether “educated” or not—blacks who continuously pollute the nation’s streets, subways, buses, classrooms, businesses and agencies with “n—-r.”

“Does Schlessinger really think comedians should be our standard on matters of decorum? Does she really think comedians’ — or rappers’ and street kids’ — choice of language justifies her use of a noxious epithet loathed by the vast majority of the 38 million people against whom it is routinely hurled? Or that calling her on that is evidence of hypersensitivity?…”

What is he, the reincarnation of Joseph “Big Lie” Goebbels? Only twice in 25 years in New York City, during which time I heard blacks say the word millions of times, and once call me one, have I ever heard a white call a black “n—-r.” [In June, 1993, during the run-up to a racial attack, in which she sought to shred my face with a scissors, a racist, 18-year-old black girl called me a “n----r.”] One white guy was a drug dealer who looked to be about 18 years old, threatening a black rival from outside the black Far Rockaway neighborhood I lived in, circa 1996.

The other case was that of a wheelchair-bound man in his seventies who called his husky black roommate a “n—-r,” after the latter had continuously tortured, assaulted, and terrorized him for three days in the presence of approving black nurse aides, nurses, and supervisors at the Rockaway Care nursing home, during summer, 1998. (After I confronted the racist black thug and called him a “punk,” the black supervising nurse finally gave the victim a tiny, private room.)

On the other hand, millions of black adults teach, encourage, and incite black children and young people to assault whites of all ages daily with racial epithets (”cracker,” “white motherf—-r,” “ghost,” etc.), threats, and bloodcurdling violence.

“Suffice it to say, I bet you Dr. Laura never thought about it like that. I bet you she never thought about it at all. And therein lies the problem — not simply for her, but for conservatives in general who seek to contribute to a constructive racial dialogue.
See, I’d argue the most offensive thing about Schlessinger’s gaffe wasn’t her use of the
N-word, but the air of smug entitlement with which she did so. Conversing with a woman who lives a reality about which she can only theorize, Dr. Laura brushed away Jade’s every effort to dissent or explain. She was not there to engage. She already knew all she needed to.”

Total projection.

But of course Schlessinger was there to engage Hanson. The problem was, Hanson was there to bushwack Schlessinger. Besides, in the racist black mental universe, whites’ job is to defer to blacks, to listen to blacks’ paranoid, racist monologues, and to beg blacks’ forgiveness, which they usually refuse to give, just as Nita Hanson refused to accept Laura Schlessinger’s apology, and before Hanson, Al Sharpton refused to accept Don Imus’ apology.

“Cry me a river,” was Pitts’ response, following the Knoxville Horror, to all whites complaining about that particular racist atrocity, and about black racism in general:

“I have four words for them [white racists] and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized.
“Cry me a river.”


Repack Rider said...

Whether or not Schlessinger is racist seems immaterial. She is a bully who has no apparent grasp of what a real family acts like or how decent human beings act toward one another. Her own family life is a disaster and hardly a recommendation for her social acumen.

Schlessinger's brand of hatred became a problem for her sponsors, so the Free Market acted and she got what she has had coming to her for twenty years.


Get over your victimhood, Dr. Laura, and take responsibility for your life. You have not been "censored," you have heard from other Americans speaking freely but without the amplification of a broadcast network. Your First Amendment rights remain exactly the same as mine, since the Constitution does not guarantee everyone a radio program.

jeigheff said...

I read Pitts Junior's column about the Knoxville Horror in the Houston Chronicle a couple years ago. If my memory serves me correctly, Pitt's logic was pretty shaky. I got the impression that the worst thing he could really complain about was the comments he'd read about these crimes. He seemed to be incredulous that decent people were outraged (as they should be) by the behavior of violent black racists and that the MSM was doing everything it could to ignore the evil.

His final words, "Cry Me a River", left me stunned. I was never in awe of the Pitts, but I realized the guy was no intellectual, nor did he have any real decency or wisdom. I promised myself that I'd never read his articles again.

Interestingly enough, I enjoyed buying the Houston Chronicle for a short time, even though I live in Austin. The HC had a good comics section. It also had the guts to publish a very truthful article about the Mexican "Railway Killer", a serial killer who was executed a couple years ago (his real name escapes me.) Regretfully, the HC never had anything to say about the Knoxville Horror (that I know of) other than publishing Pitt's hateful column.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Pitts' "Cry Me a River" column on the Knoxville Horror, it was one of several that appeared in 2007. There were also a few segments on Fox News and one on CNN.

Each had the same subject: Was the lack of national media coverage because it was a brutal black on white murder? A secondary topic was whether the killers had a "racial motive."

The answer in virtually every case was: "Race had nothing to do with anything." Neither the lack of coverage or the motive for the crime.

Everybody came to the same opinion. It was like a bunch of offenders finding themselves not guilty.

Except for some AP stories, I don't think there was any MSM coverage after 2007. There was a piece in the London Daily Mail about a year ago, but it went over the same ground.

David In TN

jeigheff said...

Montana seems to dislike Dr. Laura and thinks she got what she deserved. Personally, I don’t know much about Dr. Laura or this whole affair. I simply wish that Dr. Laura had used better judgment than she did.

However, I’d like to request that Montana (and all Americans, come to think of it) give some consideration to the bigger issues that are being addressed in this particular article and at this blog site. The American MSM seems to have no hesitation in reporting stories in which prominent people like Dr. Laura or Don Imus use objectionable language that might offend blacks. However, the very real problem of black-on-white crime in America, everything from assaults, insults, etc., to “Beat Whitey Night” and the Knoxville Horror, get swept under the rug by those who present the news to us.

Here’s a link to a story and a video clip of a crime that happened within the last month in my home town, Austin, Texas. Early in this video, a very large black man rushes of nowhere and sucker-punches a white girl half his size in public. A boxer happens to be on hand, who gets p.o.’d and fights with the black assailant:

In all truthfulness, I can’t say how much coverage this story got from Austin’s local news media. Thankfully, it got at least a little attention. But this kind of incident points to something deeper and more wicked than just a physical assault: there is real racial hatred combined with a sense of impunity on the part of the attacker in this video clip. (I was going to watch this video one more time before posting, but I can’t stomach it.) Light really needs to shine on this kind of evil.

This is why I commented previously on Pitts Junior’s hateful comment about the Knoxville Horror. It bothers me that Pitts Jr. shrugged off the crime itself, apparently let himself get offended by some comments he’d read, and let his white readers know that he has no compassion for the victims or anyone who cared for them. Personally, I believe the Knoxville Horror should have been given far greater news coverage that the Duke Rape Hoax ever received, which happened at about the same time. I also believe that scandalous comments like those of Pitts Junior’s should have been a news item in itself. These are far bigger issues than what Dr. Laura said one day on her show, because the crimes of kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder are a whole lot worse than some celebrity using the N-word.

In a way, I sort of regret previously saying that I’d promised to never read any more of Pitts Junior’s work. That’s because I have a very small hope that he might some day give some consideration to what he wrote about the Knoxville Horror and repent of his own free will. That sounds really naive, doesn’t it? I guess it could happen, because I believe that Pitts Junior knows in his heart how evil the Knoxville Horror really is, in spite of his bravado.

I doubt I will ever forget about the Knoxville Horror.

Nicholas Stix said...

Sorry, Charlie (aka Repack Rider),

Your little rant has nothing to do with what happened to Laura Schlessinger or with the “Free Market.”

Nita Hanson/“Jade”/whoever’s whole point of setting her up, was in order to depict her as a “racist,” not as a “bully.”

“Schlessinger's brand of hatred became a problem for her sponsors.”

What “brand of hatred”? You just said that it’s “immaterial” whether she’s a racist. Do you not understand the meanings of the words you use? Schlessinger’s style had gotten her nine million fans who loved the style you hate before the bushwacking, and she still has nine million fans. The way the free market works is that someone who can’t develop a fan base, fails to make any money and goes out of business. But Schlessinger continues to make millions off of her broadcasts.

Using political coercion by non-customers to shut down a profitable business is the antithesis of “the Free Market act[ing].”

And don’t try and play First Amendment lawyer; you obviously have no respect for the free speech rights of people whose politics you hate.

Schlessinger heard from one racist American speaking with “the amplification of a broadcast network”—CNN.

And you had to make it personal, too. Unlike you, I don’t need to delve into your family life, to know that you are opinionated, stupid, and dishonest.

Stick to moving pianos, Charlie. When you try debating, you’re completely tone-deaf.

Nicholas Stix said...


Pitts is strictly an AA hire and racist black newsroom enforcer. As you suggested, there’s no “there” there.

After his "Cry Me a River" column, he apparently got worried that he might get in trouble for revealing the depths of his hatred of whites, so one or two columns later, he lied about what he had said, asserting that he had only made his notorious statement, in reference to white supremacists.

He needn't have bothered lying, unless it was just for practice.

I have little to do with the HC, because they typically pull their articles off line faster than any other major paper I’m familiar with (after one week, I believe). Sometimes I’ll read and download one of their pieces, but there’s little point in linking to something that will be inaccessible in a few days.

The railway/road killer was named Angel Maturino Resendez.

Nicholas Stix said...


“Everybody came to the same opinion. It was like a bunch of offenders finding themselves not guilty.”

I love it.

Yeah, those mooks only wrote those pieces in the spring of 2007, in order to put the “white supremacists” who kept complaining about the case in their place. They had tried suppressing it altogether, but “the Nazis” just wouldn’t shut up.

You’re right about the Daily Mail piece, but I was still glad that someone was finally mentioning the case so far from Knoxville.

Nicholas Stix said...


Montana is a lefty troll who's all over the 'Net.