Monday, January 17, 2022

Shooter in NYC Murder Posed as Food Delivery Worker; new york post staffer Posed as a Crime Reporter

By N.S.

The mope who murdered someone while posing as a food delivery man is the perp. When and if the cops conclude that the killer was X, then X is the suspect. However, the murder was not carried out by a “suspect.” It was carried out by the perpetrator.

“Suspect [sic] in NYC Fatal Shooting Posed as Food Delivery Worker”
By Kenneth Garger
Last updated: January 17, 12:46 a.m.
new york post

The suspect [sic] wanted for inside an East Village public housing complex on Fridakilling a 30-year-old many night posed as a food delivery worker to carry out the crime, police said.

[N.S.: The perp posed as a food delivery worker to carry out the crime.]

The alleged [sic] shooter arrived at the Lillian Wald Houses on an e-bike before gunning down Davon Venable, 30, inside a fourth-floor apartment at about 10 p.m., cops said.

[N.S.: If you’re going to go qualify your copy to death, and call the killer “alleged,” then you can’t say he “gunned down” the vic, because then you’re saying he was the perp.]

The elaborate cover-up [sic], as seen in surveillance footage provided by the nypd, included a dark jacket with yellow reflective stripes and two bags – including a white plastic one that would typically be used to carry delivery orders.

[N.S.: A “cover-up” is a conspiracy to hide a crime. An English speaker might have written, “The elaborate cover...”]

After entering the building, the suspect [sic] later walks out with only a blue bag and appears to be in a rush – speeding off on the e-bike, according to the video.

[N.S.: Irrelevant detail. Have you ever seen a delivery man who wasn’t in a rush?]

Venable suffered gunshot wounds to the back and neck. He was taken to Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Medical Center and pronounced dead.

N.S.: Are all of these qualifiers on top of qualifiers, which make stories unintelligible, in response to pressure from black supremacist newsroom enforcers, and their White allies, in the Confederation for the Protection of Colored Criminals?

“Suspect in NYC Fatal Shooting Posed as Food Delivery Worker”

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
They use language to make black criminals a little less black (even turn them White at times), emphasize the Whiteness of White ones, make blacks seem smarter and more centered, Whites stupider and crazier...and it works, those sneaky messages override what they experience in the real world and percolate in their brains. If people aren't aware of the mind games, the false notions become part of their belief system.