Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Cops Clear Cracker Barrel Murder, and Mete Out Justice to One of the Usual Suspects

By N.S.

“Police Fatally Shoot Man Suspected of Killing Cracker Barrel Manager”



Anonymous said...

The cops were following him. And as they found out for good reason. At least the bad guy gone. But not for a lot of damage done.

eahilf said...

>Robin Baucom
>Baucom left behind her husband, three children and three grandchildren.

Search results on CNN for the word 'Baucom' -- link

The savage slaughter of this woman during a petty robbery will get zero national attention.

Perhaps next month Kenn Gividen will include her in his (at the moment) regular monthly update of black on white murders at VDare -- link

Anonymous said...

Assistant chief Mike Lee said,"Officers believed the (black)man to be armed and dangerous,called his name--when he started running and made motions as if he had a gun. They then opened fire.No gun has been located yet."

GRA:Just that description alone should get Lesta involved--with riots everywhere.I certainly am not defending the nig,but for the police to go about it in this way,is asking for a plethora of SJW attacks,lawsuits by Crump and firings.If this is verified on police cam,maybe all that can be averted,but blm/nbc crave these types of scenarios to publicize as proof of police overreach.

Yes,the perp is eliminated,but so may two cop's jobs and a black lotto hit.