Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Exclusive Review by David in TN of Part Five of the starz encore network’s Series on Racist, black Serial Killer Samuel Little

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By David in TN
Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 3:46:00 P.M. EDT

The Part Five episode of the starz encore network's series on Samuel Little ran Sunday night and repeats throughout this week.

The (final) episode has the host trying to identify the (black) victim of a murder Little claimed to have done in 1991 in the Long Beach area. She also attended a sentencing hearing in Cleveland in which Little pleaded guilty to the murder of two (White) prostitutes.

Little said he was sorry for the killings. Later, on a phone call Little told the host he was NOT sorry, but only pretended to be.

Toward the end, the host is trying to make sense of it all. She says, “It shows racism and misogyny in the criminal justice system.” Yawn. The catch-all excuse for leftists.

N.S.: Was she really trying to make sense of it all, or avoid making sense of it all? Back in 2000, in a review of Randall Robinson’s book-long rant demanding reparations for blacks, my old logic professor, Michael Levin, wrote,

“There are a few excellent black writers, but jumbles like this are all too typical of black intellectuals. What sort of disordered mind produces them? More urgently, how can whites — accustomed to language that communicates rather than wears down — deal with such minds? At the very least, whites must recognize that they face something fundamentally alien.

Increasingly, the public square is dominated not just by blacks who abuse the language in this manner, but Whites, as well.



Anonymous said...

" whites must recognize that they face something fundamentally alien."

Like taking a stroll across Africa.

Anonymous said...

Can anything make it on TV today or any msm media outlet--that ISN'T pro-black--or in this case,pro-black,mass murderer?If excuses or doubts about blackie's guilt aren't part of the script,can it get approved?

I say no.

This appears to have started with the CP 5 docu-fakery.Now,every black has mitigating circumstances for being in prison--or evil Whitey is outright trying to screw all these black felons over and it's up to starz,netflix,nbc,NBC,etal.,to "fix" the millions of false arrests of blacks.

It's the same method used against Trump last year--lie every chance you can as a media person and eventually,enough people will believe it.


jeigheff said...

Thanks for the link to the book review, Nicholas. I was JUST ABOUT to buy "The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks" by Randall Robinson. Now I don't have to!