Friday, July 01, 2016

Why Won’t Hollywood Types Like Jodi Foster and Kelly McGillis Make Movies About the Real Face of Gang Rape?

[Re: “It’s the Usual, on Okinawa: Yet Another Japanese Woman Raped and Murdered by Yet Another Black American Man; This is Why so Many Foreign Saloons are Off-Limits to Our Servicemen!]

By Jerry PDX

Remember the movie Casualties of War, starring Michael J. Fox? It was supposedly based on a true story from the War in Vietnam, in which a squad of American GIs decided to take some “war booty,” and kidnap, gang-rape, and murder a Vietnamese girl. And there was another movie about a military rape made more recently called, Redacted.

Guess what these movies have in common? The perps were safely white (with maybe a token Hispanic or two thrown in). Couldn't have guessed, that could you? I recall seeing documentaries about rapes on news magazines with white perps, with maybe very rare exceptions, though I can't think of one offhand. Somehow, despite the regular news reports of black rapists in the military, those stories never make the cut for the PC entertainment industry or mainstream documentaries.

The movie angle makes me think of the movie The Accused, starring noted lesbians (and man-haters), Jodi Foster and Kelly McGillis. A gang of white men in the backroom of a bar sexually assault a woman, and lo and behold, a movie must be made. OK, fine, but will there ever be a movie made about black men openly sexually assaulting white women in our streets, such as the Seattle Mardi Gras day assaults, where a gang of negroes murdered a young white man, Kristopher Kime, who tried to defend a white woman they were sexually assaulting? Or the New York Puerto Rican Day Parade sexual assaults where gangs of blacks roamed around assaulting white women in full view of people and cameras?

Ironically, when Kelly McGillis was a young actress in New York, she was gang raped by racist blacks who hurled racial slurs at her while they raped her, doesn't matter though, she toes the Hollywood PC line, and will never suggest they had racist bias, and no one else will, either. Too bad she wasn't a black woman and the perps white, then her story would have been waved around Hollywood like a flag, in order to demonize white men.


LBD said...

My father was a policeman in New York, 1940's through 1960's. He told me when I was a kid that Negroes were the ones who used the word " motherf&&&er" because they were the ones who did that thing. I thought he was making it up, but then I started noticing that in each and every news story about rape of an elderly victim, the perpetrator was black. Every single one.

Chris Mallory said...

The Accused was another case of "white washing" by Hollywood. The real life rapists were Portuguese, not white.