Friday, July 29, 2016

“No Justice, No Peace!”: Racist, Violence-Provoking, Anti-Cop Group, Next Generation Action Network (NGAN), Held a “Silent” March on July 29, Loudly Taunting Police, Just Three Weeks After NGAN Planned the Black Lives Matter Protest that Had Provided Cover for Nation of Islam Sympathizer-Terrorist-Black Mass Murderer, Micah X. Johnson, to Slaughter Five White Dallas Cops

By A Texas Reader

“The same group that planned the July 7 protest prior to a deadly ambush of police officers in Dallas took to the streets of downtown again Friday night.”

“What was supposed to be a silent protest was held by the same group that planned the July 7 event, Next Generation Action Network (NGAN). Some on social media believed Friday’s protest was too soon.

“There is going to be no perfect timing after what happened three weeks ago, but our message is peace and unity," said David Villalobos, chief of staff of NGAN.”

N.S.: WFAA claims that the July 7 protest was a WGAN affair; reports at the time said that it was a BLM show. The MSM often have trouble getting their lies straight.


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