Friday, July 22, 2016

Top Donald Trump Policy Advisor and Speechwriter Stephen Miller on Hillary Clinton

By Nicholas Stix

On Hannity on Fox News, Miller, who wrote Trump’s GOP presidential nominee acceptance speech, just said,

“Arguably, she’s the least successful secretary of state in the history of the United States.”

That may well be true. But the secretary of state works at the pleasure of the President, and he had no problem with the way she conducted herself. That’s another way of saying that the John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” has been the worst foreign policy president in American history. But that’s not due to incompetence, but rather due to his commitment to determining in every case what action will have worst possible consequences for America’s vital interests, and then vigorously pursuing that action.


Anonymous said...

What needs to be said YET,by Trump:
1)Muslims in the US.
Democrats won't say there's such a thing as "radical Islam".Trump does.What he needs to say (but never will)is that even though there are quiet Muslims living in the US,do we want a proliferation of the Muslim population in our land?Do we want them to take over America?Isn't there a reason they have their own countries?Why not improve your own area of the world?The history of man has been to protect your own borders--and stay there--UNLESS you want to expand your control of the world.This is their subtle plan.The Islamists are loud in their goals,the ones we don't hear about,have the same goal.Change America to Muslim.
2)Do we want blacks to take over our country?They've annexed our cities already,by simple population growth.
What we need to say is:What do we do about blacks ruining our cities and neighborhoods and black crime?My answer is more prisons.Maybe that's inferred in Trumps law and order platform,but we need to hear SOMETHING.
3)Is it too late?A debate about whether anything can be done to reverse the damage of illegal Mexican immigration,Muslim refugee importation and blacks reproducing their way to the takeover of our cities.All this while white population stagnates.
To make America great again--which means more whites--and I've said this before,some kind of inducement to have more white kids needs to be implemented.If this was China or Russia...that would be ordered in one minute.Here of course,it's illegal...but it needs to be suggested in some way.

Anonymous said...

WTF dept.
This is being written before the official announcement,but Sen Tim Kaine is supposed to be the VP pick of Clinton.Guess why?When Kaine leaves his office,a deal has already been made to install a black to replace him-without a vote,of course(heard on MSNBC).This is one of the big reasons Kaine is being picked--to get another black in the Senate via a backdoor deal.It never is going to stop with the Dems,until all 50 senators and all 535 house members are minority,I guess.