Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald Trump’s Republican Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech: I Will Fix Everything, and Help Everyone (Except Elites, Crooks, Terrorists and Our Trade Rivals)

By Nicholas Stix

There was a lot of great stuff in Trump’s speech, which he has hit on before:

America First (trade especially);
The working and middle classes (“the forgotten men and women”);
Law & Order;
Terrorism and NATO;
No more nation-building or military adventurism;
Cutting limits on energy production;
Thanking Evangelicals for their support, which, in a moment of uncharacteristic humility he suggested he may not have deserved;
Freedom of speech for white Christians (he didn’t specify race, but the Johnson Amendment, which he seeks to repeal, has never been enforced against black preachers); and
Praising his family, including his late parents, living and dead siblings, and wife and children.

However, he also promised more No Child Left Behind/Race to the Top. If he tries to give racist black mothers transfers for their children from the failed schools they destroyed to good schools, there will be no more good public schools left in this country.

He also made a point of embracing homosexuals, which went against the GOP platform, and his talk of "compassion" and the schools, added King George II's "compassionate conservatism," to his mystic chords of memory evoking Nixon and Reagan.

The speech was also much too long. It ran about one hour and 18 minutes, including all the applause breaks. The best parts all could have been written by Pat Buchanan, from whom he got them. However, he promised way too much, which will make great disappointment inevitable.

And Ivanka’s introduction was pc to a fault—I’ll have more to say about her in VDARE (I hope).


Anonymous said...

My "average citizen" review of Donald Trumps speech:
1)Not natural Trump.Teleprompter is a negative.
2)The liberal networks were all saying "It was too dark.I didn't know we're living in Gotham City",said one republican traitor.Actually,we ARE headed for Gotham City.It's probably true THAT analyst has no clue how bad a shape many cities are in.Some people may not like the tone--but they're not realists.
3)You can't balance a supposed sympathy for blacks on one hand and on the other hand,say that law and order will fix the country--and help blacks.It will fix the country--but blacks will not be in favor of it--for obvious reasons.
4)I watched the post speech shows.Charlie Rose stated he was an immigrant and a ban on Muslims is not what we're about.Straight from Obama.MSNBC had Matthews,Brian Williams,Maddow and a black no-nothing--who showed total disdain for Trump.Lots of laughs and dismissal.
Fox stayed pro-Trump.
I saw a definitive stat on the election
today.Four years ago,Romney got only 20% of minority vote and lost by 5%.Now--there are many more minorities (no kidding)so how can Trump possibly close that gap?Only one way--all whites vote for Trump,women included.I have my doubts again.I hope I'm wrong.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Freedom of speech for white Christians (he didn’t specify race, but the Johnson Amendment, which he seeks to repeal, has never been enforced against black preachers"

It is useful to remind everyone what this is. NO tax write off for preachers that preach politics from the pulpit.