Thursday, July 28, 2016

Breaking News: Crime Pays! Illegal Alien Gangbanger-Rapist (MS-13) Ingmar Guandique, Convicted in Chandra Levy's Death, Won't be Retried


The victim: Chandra Levy never lived to see her 25th birthday. Her remains weren’t found until the following year.

By Reader-Researcher “W”


Chandra Levy’s convicted, and then unconvicted rapist-killer: Guandique, then 27, and now 36, who had already pleaded guilty to attacking other attractive, shapely, white female joggers (at least one successfully fought him off) in Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park, and had allegedly bragged to jail cellmates of having raped and murdered Chandra Levy, and was convicted of her murder in 2001, but whose conviction was overturned last year. Note the neck prison tattoo, “Mara,” on his neck. That's the beginning of “Mara Salvatrucha,” better known as “MS-13,” the most murderous gang in the Western Hemisphere, now safely ensconced in America, thanks to George W. Bush and the John doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama.”



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David In TN said...

The reason for today's denouement is the failure of the stupid DC police to find the body at the time despite an "exhaustive search." Miss Levy's skeletal remains were found over a year later by a turtle dog and its private owner (See Samuel Francis' Vdare column on the subject).

Found earlier, there would probably have been DNA evidence identifying the killer.