Tuesday, July 19, 2016

One Day After the Acquittal of Baltimore Police Lt. Brian Rice on All Charges Related to the Death of Freddie Gray, a George Washington University Law Professor Who Filed Complaints Against State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, is Now Seeking to Have the Prosecutors in Gray-Related Cases Disbarred

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat



Anonymous said...

Who gets to decide?An impartial committee consisting of Holder and Lynch,plus Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Kwami Kilpatrick by proxy from the verdict will be similar to HRC's for e-mailgate.

Anonymous said...

It is all a charade to placate the mob.

Anonymous said...

'BLACK OLIVES MATTER' Outrage after restaurant twists ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest slogan on huge billboard.
Italian restaurant criticised for using 'Black Olives Matter' as a slogan to promote their new Tapenade dish
AN ITALIAN restaurant has been slammed for sharing the slogan “Black Olives Matter” with critics accusing the restaurant of trivialising the protest movement.

Paisano’s Italian restaurant was accused of making a joke in poor taste against the “Black Lives Matter” protest when it shared the “Black Olives Matter Try Our Tapenade” slogan out the front of its Alburquerque, New Mexico, premises.
----My laugh of the day.