Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Martha Moxley Murder: Did Bobby Kennedy Jr. Say that His Cousin, Michael Skakel, is the Great White Defendant?


Martha Moxley at 15, shortly before she was murdered

By David in TN and Nicholas Stix

David: I just saw the NBC Dateline program (Friday night) about the Martha Moxley murder, and Bobby Kennedy Jr. said straight out that Michael Skakel was deliberately framed.

In “The Murder of Martha Moxley,” Bobby Kennedy Jr. pushed his book on cousin Michael Skakel’s “innocence.” He claims two individuals from the Bronx slipped into the tony neighborhood and killed Martha.

Bobby Jr. claims that if Michael Skakel hadn't been related to the Kennedys, he wouldn’t have been charged. I don’t believe this. Does Bobby realize he is saying, in effect, that Skakel was targeted as a Great White Defendant?

N.S.: Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s “Plan B” is so outrageous that it reminds me of the defenses by various black murderers and rapists, including O.J. Simpson (Colombian drug dealers looking to kill Nicole Brown Simpson’s girlfriend Fay Resnick, who didn’t even live with Nicole, did it), Lemaricus Davidson (his sex with Channon Christian was consensual which, besides being a lie, overlooked the little matter of his having tortured and murdered her); and Dedrick Griham, who insisted that he really wasn’t guilty of carjacking, kidnapping, and rape, because his white female victim had “staged” the carjacking and was a willing participant in her own rape and sodomy. She had gotten in touch with him through an imaginary prostitute named “Puddin” or “Pumpkin,” who offered him money to fulfill the white woman’s feverish fantasies. This is the first time I’ve heard such fantasy defenses on behalf of a white man.

Having not followed the Moxley case very closely, I had not drawn any conclusions, as to whether Michael Skakel was guilty. However, Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s Hail Mary pass of a defense has convinced me that Skakel murdered Martha Moxley. I’ve never heard of such an incredible defense on behalf of an innocent man in real life.

As for “the Great White Defendant,” I think it’s nonsense, and am convinced that Tom Wolfe concocted it as a marketing ploy, which eventually became a self-fulfilling prophecy (e.g., the Duke Rape Hoax). He understood that nobody wanted to read about the reality, in which corrupt prosecutors routinely ran innocent but penniless white man through the wringer (e.g., the Bernard Goetz case).

Meanwhile, the Kennedys just can’t seem to restrain themselves. They feel compelled, ever again, to unwittingly remind the American people of what a plague their family has been on us.


Defendant Michael Skakel was convicted once of Martha Moxley's murder, but the best defense Kennedy money could buy got his conviction thrown out, and he awaits a new trial


David In TN said...

I just watched the program again. Matt Lauer asked Bobby Jr, "Did people purposely pin the crime on Michael Skakel?" Bobby answered, "Correct."

On Halloween night, Martha Moxley was beaten to death with a golf club that came from a set owned by the Skakel family. The club was broken into pieces with the shaft stabbed into her neck. However, the handle, which may have had prints, was never found.

RFK Jr.'s premise is the prosecution used the Kennedy name "as a hook" to frame Michael Skakel.

I have followed this case closely since reading Dominick Dunne's novel in 1993 and his Vanity Fair articles. Dunne tended to rely too much on gossip and "what people tell me," which got him in trouble during the Chandra Levy-Gary Condit affair.

Dunne did do some good reporting regarding Menendez, Simpson, and the Moxley case.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I don't claim to be an expert in the Moxley murder case but I have read a number of articles on the case and watched one fairly thorough documentary. One thing jumps out at me. It's the part where Michael Skakel claims he was "masturbating in a tree while peeping in Martha's window". Now, I'm as horny as the next guy and don't deny my drives in my youth made me do things I don't like to admit, but being a peeping tome and spanking my monkey up in a tree is not something I've ever felt the need to do and while maybe Skakel is a real pervert, that detail still strikes a false note. If you read the case files, Martha's body was found beaten to death under a tree, I believe that's the tree Skakel says he was wacking off in. The only reason for him to say something like that is to explain why his DNA might be at the scene. His DNA isn't there because he killed her but because he is so potent he can pour down spunk like rain and contaminate (coincidentally) a crime scene. It must have been like the night before the murder because DNA isn't going to last long in an outdoor environment. Bottom line is that if he wasn't there and had nothing to do with the murder he never would have said he was up a tree masturbating, so I don't buy his story.

Of all the details in the case it's the one thing that jumps out as so preposterous I think it destroys Michael Skakels credibility. I have to wonder if the jury thought so too. I didn't sit on the jury and get all the details they undoubtedly did but just from my perspective I do think the guy did it. If there are other details I don't know about I might adjust my opinion but I haven't read anything that would so far.

The Kennedy's and their clan have always been arrogant and recklessly impulsive to the point they often end up killing themselves at unnaturally young ages. Not that I care that happens to them, they're one of the wealthy elite families that have been haughtily pushing diversity down our throats while they sit in their isolated gated communities ignoring the negative results of their social engineering designed to line their own pockets, as if they weren't rich enough already.

All that being said, I still would never completely discount the "great white defendant" theory, it's a very real zeitgeist that is especially strong right now with the slavish need of our mainstream media to pacify racist negroes. There's nothing they love more than a white (especially rich one) to splash all over the pages to act as a distraction to the out of control racist violence perpetrated by negroes in the US.

Anonymous said...

The Kennedy famblee are degenerates across the board. Decades from now they will be just a footnote in a history book.

Anonymous said...

"If you read the case files, Martha's body was found beaten to death under a tree"

Death was actually from choking after being beaten. She had the metal shaft of the golf club rammed down her throat.